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Apply intelligent technologies to optimize and automate decision-making processes at scale.

Consult contact data, management and financial key figures for Arctico (BE 0880.229.369) from Leuven (3000). Or for other companies in the sector Foodstuffs, trading. In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files: 135 MB.

Automation Technology Powered by AI

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ACTICO Platform is a powerful software for intelligent decision automation. It combines business rules and machine learning with automation technology to make day-to-day decisions faster and smarter. From financial services to manufacturing or retail to healthcare – ACTICO Platform enables companies to master decision-making processes in the digital world.

  • Combine human knowledge with AI to drive business automation
  • Increase business value through real-time decision-making
  • Implement intelligent enterprise-class applications and services

Business Solutions for the Digital World

ACTICO offers solutions for various types of business problems. Ranging from ready-to-use business solutions for industry-specific challenges to designing and implementing custom applications that reflects unique business requirements. From managing risks and fulfilling compliance obligations to digital marketing – ACTICO solutions enable intelligent decision automation.

  • Gain agility and increase revenue
  • Reduce time-to-market and costs
  • Continuously optimize operations
Arctico Download

Based in Esbjerg in Denmark, Arctiko develops and assembles medical and lab freezers and pharmaceutical refrigerators for the global and health care medical industry. This industry is vital for global health, treatment of patients and research and development of new medicine and we are proud to support it.

We offer a wide selection of ultra low temperature freezers and refrigerators. With our biomedical freezers, ultra low temperature freezers and cryogenic freezers, your samples are stored safely under a stable temperature. Additionally to our line of freezers, we also provide pharmaceutical and blood bank refrigerators.


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Behind every sample is hours of work and effort and every sample is of high value. Storing medical samples at ultra low temperatures is thus of the utmost importance. To support this sensitive process, we give you Arctiko’s single compressor system which is one of the best solutions for ultra low temperature storing. Our single compressor cooling system uses one compressor and one cooling cycle to ensure a one of a kind range of ultra low temperature freezers with reliable and remarkable temperature performance. The system requires less maintenance, has less heat dissipation, lower consumption of energy as well as noise reduction.


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Our TRUE DUAL™ technology is an extra layer of security because we understand that storing samples is important and that each sample is priceless. To keep your samples safe and to protect the hard work put into the samples, we designed the TRUE DUAL™ technology. This technology consists of two independent cooling cycles based on the single compressor system. In the unlikely event of an error or breakdown of one of the cycles, the other system will serve as backup. This guarantees that your samples will be protected and kept at least at -70°C at all times. In short, our TRUE DUAL™ technology is the safest choice when keeping your samples safe.


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Quality management is important to us because it enables our products to continue a high level of quality. All our freezers have been granted relevant ISO certificates as well as ETL certification, CE certification, and a FDA registration. Read more about our certifications in our brochures.

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