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Author: FutureX
Game version: 1.0+
Number of functions: 5
Creation date: 06.06.2019
On this page you can download Barotrauma Trainer for free. This trainer +5 developed by FutureX for game version 1.0+. If you experience any difficulty in the game «Barotrauma» (2019) or just want to have fun, this cheat is created specially for you! To download Trainer, use the link at the bottom of the page.

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  • Barotrauma is a 2D co-op submarine simulator – in space, with survival horror elements. Steer your submarine, give orders, fight monsters, fix leaks, operate machinery, man the guns and craft items, and stay alert: danger in Barotrauma doesn’t announce itself!

Barotrauma is a 2D co-op survival horror submarine simulator, inspired by games like FTL: Faster Than Light, Rimworld, Dwarf Fortress and Space Station 13. It’s a Sci-Fi game that combines ragdoll physics and alien sea monsters with teamwork and existential fear.


  • Home — Active Trainer
  • Num 1 — Infinite Health
  • Num 2 — Infinite Oxygen
  • Num 3 — Infinite Items
  • Num 4 — Infinite Supplies

This mod expands the content in Barotrauma by adding new items and editing existing ones plus some other misc edits. Some of the stuff in the mod so far:

Barotrauma Supporter Bundle Download Free Download

-Edited most creatures and added variants such as 'Young' and 'Elder' or completely new subspecies.
-Re-implemented the unused Scorpion creature as a small Electric Eel/Ship Worm that travels in groups.
-Added a totally new creature/anomaly called Teleglitch, which is almost invisible and has the ability to 'Glitch' in and out of submarines alone or with anyone nearby.
-Edited a number of vanilla missions and increased the money reward for all of them.
-Added a number of missions that include most of the new items plus new creature hunter missions with 'boss' variants of some vanilla and new creatures.
Crewmember Clothing and Gear:
-Crew members are in underwear now so they spawn with headgear, sweaters and trousers, which can be taken off and switched at any time.
-Clothing offers some protection and sometimes come with extra inventory slots but at the cost of a slight movement speed. Class related clothing is also effected by these changes.
-Some of the clothing can be customized with a Sewing Kit, which can be usually found in Cabins, Private Quarters and in Medical. This is mostly for vanity/roleplaying purposes since most of them retain the same stats.
General Job changes:
-Edited the inventory and the skillset values in all the Jobs.
-Assistants are now called Seaman, and they have chances to be useful with both the mechanic and and electrician skills.
-Security Officers are now called Enforcers, and they don't spawn with most of their related equipment but they have access to them in ships.
-Added new jobs, such as Officer, Scientist, Cooks and Prisoners.
Barotrauma freeCooking and Food:
-Cooking is now possible by using an Electric Oven and buying ingredients from the store.
-Recipes will require a specified amount of Cooking Skill for the foodstuff to be crafted.
-Most foodstuff give bonuses when consumed and all crew members have the new Cooking Skill at a certain level.
-With this new skill comes a new profession, Cook. They are the best at cooking and can also produce poisoned meals.
Gas Tanks:
-There is an expanded selection of gas tanks for Welding Tools and Plasma Cutters.
-Some gas tanks are better for a certain tool while others last longer in another.
-Oxygen Tanks are the most basic ones, the rest are craftable and have different properties like lasting longer or displacing the oxygen in a room when used, to name a few.
Melee Weapons:
Bundle-The Screwdriver and the Wrench can now be used as melee weapons. They are not proper weapons but they can be used in a pinch.
-Spears can now be used as melee weapons. They can also be made of different metals or even be made of plastic, which affects their stats but mainly how much damage they do.
-Added more melee weapons, such as Diving Knives, which deal a moderate amount of damage, causes bleeding and are really fast.
Ranged Weapons:
-Harpoon Guns can only be loaded with one 1 spear at a time now and require less skill to be used so they are more accurate.
-Added a military version of the Harpoon Gun, called Spear Gun. It can be loaded with up to 3 spears at a time.
-Added Dart Guns. They are scoped pneumatic rifles that fire medical darts, which dispense the whole content in targets. (They replace the vanilla counterpart)
-Added firearms that use self-propelled ammo. They are powerful and can be loaded with custom rounds.
Drugs and Chems:
-Edited some of the vanilla drugs and chemicals. Some can now be crafted or have different crafting recipes.
-Added new chems like Midazolam, a new chem that can be used to knock people unconscious, if used with a Medical Syringe.
Tool Kit:
-It's a carryable 'crafting station' that can be used to make emergency items, item repair and makeshift weapons. It doesn't need power to work but most recipes require more skill and crafting time.
Saw Cutter:
-This is a less efficient version of the Plasma Cutter that works on batteries and will eventually need a saw replacement to work again.
-It can be turned into a makeshift weapon that will throw saw blades instead.
-They now reduce movement speed so prisoners don't run around as fast as their captors.
-Prisoners spawn with Tempcuffs, which are timed cuff that will eventually allow the prisoner to remove them after a while.
-A Copper Coil is a crafting ingredient but it can be used as makeshift handcuffs, which will eventually break after a while, releasing the target.
Alien Artifacts:
-The Ancient Weapon now uses Shards as ammo and won't get damaged with use.
-Shards will break on impact or when depleted completely, causing them to have a reaction depending on the shard type.
-Replaced Incendium Bars with Thermite Shards, which can be used as ammo for the Ancient Weapon or in a number of crafting recipes.
-Shards have unique properties and can now be thrown like grenades. They can also be recharged/repaired by putting them in Alien Artifact Holders.
FreeContainers and Furniture:
-Edited most of the vanilla containers.
-Added Steel Lockers meant for storing weapons, like the Harpoon Gun.
-Added Fire Extinguisher Brackets. Specifically made for holding a Fire Extinguisher in place.
-Added tables and chairs. Tables can store small things in a drawer and chairs can be thrown for minimal health and stun damage.
Nuclear Reactor:
-Fire now increases the heat generated by Fuel Rods, increasing the chances for a Meltdown.
-Expanded the choice of rods that can be put in Nuclear Reactors. There are 3 types of Fuel Rods and 2 types of Coolant Cans.
-Fuel Rods are more unstable, generate heat and will unlock a limited Fission Rate percentage. They will also slightly damage the Reactor now.
-Coolant Cans will absorb some of the heat generated by Fuel Rods without affecting Fission Rate. They will also repair the damage made by Fuel Rods.
Diesel-Electric Generator:
-They generate a slower power output and will eventually break after a while but unlike Nuclear Reactors, they won't explode when they break.
-They work on Diesel Cans, which can only be carried on each hand and will burst into flames when in contact with fire, making them a hazard to have around.
-The Generator doesn't work on Fission Rate so the only way to increase its power output is to put more diesel in it, which also increases the damage it takes.
-They aren't affected by water much and will only require mechanical repairs when they break.
Duct Block:
-It's a 1x1 'door' that can be used to block air and water exchange in small drainage systems, like the one you see in the Nehalennia.
-They require a lot less skill to be repaired than normal doors and can also be welded.
Basic Switch:
-It differs from the Button in that it's smaller but it doesn't have the ID clearance system so anyone can use it.
New Alarm Buzzers:
They looks and work exactly the same as the vanilla one but they have different alarm sounds for more alarm variety.Game
-Added versions with 3 different song choices instead of alarm sounds.
Motion Detector:
-It works similar to water or oxygen detector but this one is triggered by nearby characters. It can be used for proximity alarms, automatic doors, etc.
Depth Mines:
-They are a new submarine weapon type that work similarly to Depth Charges. Mines barely sink when released and they are fired to the left instead of downwards. Specially useful against pursuing enemies.
-Most explosives have been replaced, edited and can be crafted now.
-There are also explosive with special properties, like the Wetbomb Charge, which will explode upon contact with water.
-Grenades have been replaced bya single item called, HTM Grenade, short for hand thrown munition. It's an empty case that can be filled with a payload, be primed with the use function and thrown. It will explode in about 5 seconds after being primed.
Upgraded Vessels:
-Some of the vanilla vessels have been retrofitted, and feature a different layout, a more organized rewiring, upgrades and automatic safety measures.
-Also added a 'downgraded' version of the Nehalennia that works on generator power, outdated equipment, almost no automatic safely measures, etc. It's meant for players looking for a more challenging vessel.
...And much more. I will continue to add new stuff whenever I get free time. Enjoy!
Discord Server:
Download Link:
Installation Instructions:
-Access the folder inside the .zip file and copy the 3 folders located in it. There's no need to mess with individual files.
-Paste them in the game's directory. A prompt should appear asking if you want to overwrite some folders, hit yes.
-Run the Launcher, select the content package BTE [version] and run the game.
About the Nehalennia Mark II:
-This mod only works properly with the vessels included in its submarine folder.

Barotrauma Free

-Most submarines have safety measures. Be sure to read the 'About the Nehalennia Mark II' info to understand how all of the submarines work.
Elliot (Zurreal117) - Art; Most of the Survivor variant set of clothing and concepts.
The Community - Feedback in the form of ideas and bug reports. Thank you all!

Barotrauma Download Free

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