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  1. Transport and travel. Caravan (travellers), a group of travellers journeying together Caravanserai, a place where a caravan could stop; Camel train, a convoy using camels as pack animals; Convoy, a group of vehicles or ships traveling together for mutual support; Caravan (towed trailer), a self-contained trailer based camper or recreational vehicle containing beds, a kitchenette, dining.
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Caravan Tours is a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents), NTA (National Tour Association), CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), and an allied member of ACTA (Alliance of Canadian Travel Agencies). How does Caravan Tours sell these tours for such a low cost?

Brief Biography:

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Caravan was formed in Canterbury, England in 1968 by Pye Hastings (guitar/ vocals), Dave Sinclair (keyboards), Richard Sinclair (bass/vocals) and Richard Coughlan (drums). The four had previously played at various times with a local band, The Wilde Flowers, which also featured Kevin Ayers and future Soft Machine members Robert Wyatt and Hugh Hopper.

After a 10 year break from the studio, the band are set to release their brand new album in 2014 only made possible by independent funding from fans and supporters via a highly successful PledgeMusic campaign.

It was with a heavy heart that in December 2013, family, friends and fans across the world lost Richard Coughlan following his long illness. Richard will be sorely missed by all who knew him. His legacy with Caravan and the Wilde Flowers will live on forever.

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