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A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Caves of Qud is a science fantasy roguelike epic steeped in retrofuturism, deep simulation, and swathes of sentient plants. Come inhabit an exotic world and chisel through a layer cake of thousand-year-old civilizations. Decide: is it a dying earth, or is it on the verge of rebirth?

For a game that is so primitive in its look, Caves of Qud sucked me in like few other games I have recently have managed to do. The game is set very far into the future and the world is an absolute mess and very hostile place. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Who are you?

Play the role of a mutant indigenous to the salt-spangled dunes and jungles of Qud, or play a pure-strain descendant from one of the few remaining eco-domes—the toxic arboreta of Ekuemekiyye, the Holy City; the ice-sheathed arcology of Ibul; or the crustal mortars of Yawningmoon.

You arrive at the oasis-hamlet of Joppa, along the far rim of Moghra'yi, the Great Salt Desert. All around you, moisture farmers tend to groves of viridian watervine. There are huts wrought from rock salt and brinestalk. On the horizon, Qud's jungles strangle chrome steeples and rusted archways to the earth. Further and beyond, the fabled Spindle rises above the fray and pierces the cloud-ribboned sky.

You clutch your rifle, or your vibroblade, or your tattered scroll, or your poisonous stinger, or your hypnotized goat. You approach a watervine farmer—he lifts the brim of his straw hat and says, 'Live and drink, friend.'

What can you do?

Anything and everything. Caves of Qud is a deeply simulated, biologically diverse, richly cultured world.

  • Assemble your character from over 70 mutations and defects, 24 castes and kits, and dozens of cybernetic implants—outfit yourself with wings, two heads, quills, four arms, flaming hands, or the power to clone yourself—it's all the character diversity you could want.
  • Explore procedurally-generated regions with some familiar locations—each world is nearly 1 million maps large.
  • Dig through everything—don't like the wall blocking your way? Dig through it with a pickaxe, or eat through it with your corrosive gas mutation, or melt it to lava. Yes, every wall has a melting point.
  • Hack the limbs off monsters—every monster and NPC is as fully simulated as the player. That means they have levels, skills, equipment, faction allegiances, and body parts. So if you have a mutation that lets you, say, psionically dominate a spider, you can traipse through the world as a spider, laying webs and eating things.
  • Pursue allegiances with over 60 factions—apes, crabs, robots, and highly entropic beings—just to name a few.
  • Follow the plot to Barathrum the Old, a sentient cave bear who leads a sect of tinkers intent on restoring technological splendor to Qud.
  • Learn the lore—there's a story in every nook, from legendary items with storied pasts to in-game history books written by plant historians. A novel's worth of handwritten lore is knit into a procedurally-generated history that's different every game.
  • DieCaves of Qud is brutally difficult and deaths are permanent. Don't worry, though—you can always roll a new character.

Words about Caves of Qud

“There’s a sense of magnificent history to dredge from its depths.” -Chris Priestman, Kill Screen

Caves of Qud is one of the best roguelikes in years, packed with evocative prose and featuring a captivating world of arcane secrets to explore.” -Heather Alexandra, Kotaku

“Narratively, this is one of the most compelling game stories that I’ve seen in a long time.” -Charlie Hall, Polygon

Caves of Qud has a particular kind of New Wave science fiction imagination that just can’t be beat.” -Cameron Kunzelman, Paste Magazine


The soundtrack can be purchased here:

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorFreehold Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, Roguelike, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Touchscreen
AccessibilityConfigurable controls, High-contrast
LinksSteam, Homepage, Twitter


In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Development log

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    8 days ago
  • Feature Friday - November 20, 2020
    22 days ago
  • Feature Friday - November 7, 2020
    36 days ago
  • Feature Friday - October 16, 2020
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Can Disassemble



Tinker Skill



Ninefold Boots


Extra Info:
  • Made out of Metal
  • An Energy cell is required to power this item
Infobox data from game version

Calligraphs are incised in uneven rows and columns that meander across the quarter and back stay of the boot. Their character mass appears to orbit a central statement: 'The path is contracted.' The rest of the script is etched in a variety of signs and styles that offer competing and composite interpretations of the cryptic proclamation.


ninefold boots are boots that when powered, teleport the wearer 9 spaces in the direction they were walking if they walk in the same direction 3 spaces in a row. On the second move in the same direction, a visual effect will occur near the wearer. When partially identified, their display name is 'boots'.

The teleportation will avoid teleporting the wearer into a solid object; if 9 squares ahead is solid, the boots will look up to 3 squares away from the destination for open space. If nothing is available within 3 squares, it will not teleport[1]. Teleporting outside of the current zone is avoided during autoexplore. Each teleportation uses 250 charge. This teleportation can be turned off, but flipping the switch has an action cost of 100. The switch can be used even if the boots are not fully understood yet.

For the wearer to teleport, they must not be flying, must be in the same phase as the ground, and must not be on the world map. If the teleport fails due to interference from normality (which it may, since all teleportation is reality distortion based), the wearer will take damage from the boots throwing off sparks.

Caves Of Qud Wiki

ninefold boots can teleport you across zone boundaries, including through an outer wall of the Tomb of the Eaters into open air.

Tips[editedit source]

This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
This section is opinion-based. Your mileage may vary.
  • This can be a good way to quickly escape even if the player character's movespeed is not very high.
  • If you need to walk down a straight corridor without teleporting, you can either:
    • Temporarily flick the switch to deactivate the boots
    • Walk two spaces forward and one space back, repeating until you've finished moving down the corridor.
  • In walled in spaces where there's nowhere to teleport, they behave like normal boots. For these situations, it's better to swap them out for stronger feet armor.
  • They require no boot time, so it is easy to swap them on and quickly escape.
  • Because it requires moving in the same direction three times, it will not help in situations where the wearer is already rendered immobile such as when they are frozen or engulfed by oozes.

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