Craftopia - Soundtrack Download

SoundtrackCraftopia - Soundtrack Download

Craftopia - Survival Miner is the first Crafting Game with more possibilities and biggest living Worlds on Google Play. Be the best Gamer on this beautifull Game. Build and Destroy evrything what you can see. Many new Animals and Biomes await you. Get Hunt or Fish. Craft and Survive. You are not alone. Many monsters in the Night hunt you. Build a Farm or a Apocalyptic world. And have much FUN!!! A Simple Mod Pack for 1.8. 2,369 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 10, 2015 Game Version: 1.8.


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Craftopia - Soundtrack Download

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What if you were thrown into the open-world full of resources and lives?
What if you would live on the planet where you are the one who began civilizations?
What if you could do anything you've ever dreamed of?
What if you could get to know those places?
Let me tell you, it's right ahead of you.
Craftopia is a brand new crafting game that takes influences from many major crafting games and blends them together.
Experience the best of crafting, hack-and-slash, automation, survival, and a variety of other elements melded together in the best of games with people from all over the world.
Collect and combine resources to craft more than 3000 different items.
The possibilities for items combined with the enchantment system are endless. Experience a whole new craft hack-and-slash game.
Run Your Own Farm
At Craftopia, you can grow a variety of crops, sell them at market, and run your own farm.
Is it a hassle to grow crops? For you, our automated robots are here to help you run your farm!
Explore Biomes and Dungeons
As you explore the world, you'll find that there are many different biomes in this vast unknown world.
Islands, mountains, rainforests, archipelagoes, swamps, large holes, floating islands and a variety of fascinating biomes will spur you on to the adventure.
In the dungeons scattered around the world, you may find treasures you've never seen before.
However, if you can defeat a deadly boss, that is.
Skill Tree
As your character levels up, you can create your own skill tree.
You can use a variety of skills, such as arts, magic, and exploration, to make your adventures more convenient, courageous, and dynamic.
Are collecting trees and stones for craft games a chore?
With Craftopia, most of the work can be industrialized. Leave the tedious foraging work to the robots and focus on your craft and adventure!
Craftopia also supports multiplayer! Build a server and invite your friends to play on your own vast map!

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