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Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc

Death Road to Canada builds a variety of game modes with extremely brain-damaging modes like zombies. Players fight with teammates in the map with 500 zombies. The battle becomes very tense when you only have a limited number of weapons and a certain time but have to. Death Road to Canada is a Randomly Generated Road Trip Action-RPG. You manage a group of jerks as they explore cities, find weird people, and face up to 500 zombies at once.

Requirements: Android 4.0+
Size: 81 Mb
Death Road To Canada DownloadDeath


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Death Road to Canada (FULL) - fascinating pixel project in post-apocalypse stylish. Get ready for the most difficult trip, which leads straight to hell. In role of the main protagonist, the user will try to survive, fighting with the mutated population of the planet. There are no indulgence and do not expect help from others. Every city is a mortal danger. You need to clear dozens of such places and stay alive.

On the streets you will try to eat thousands of the walking dead. To cope with such a large-scale threat, you must be a brave man with an expanded arsenal. You need to manage several protagonists with certain skills. You will walk the streets in search of resources, as well as driving the country, trying to find a way to salvation. Do not hesitate in battle, otherwise it may be the last battle in your life.

Death Road To Canada Download Free Mac

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