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Half-Life: Deathmatch Play online. Multiplayer, windows. Here you can play game Half-Life: Deathmatch Windows in browser online. Attention: servers have already been created. All you need is to go to Multiplayer-Internet Games-Refresh and select one of the currently created games. Also, when starting the game, you can specify a different url server socket, if you know which one can connect to. Deathmatch Classic, free deathmatch classic freeware software downloads. Download and delete files from a remote server (website) or network for free.

Deathmatch Classic
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Microsoft Windows, macOS and GNU/Linux
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June 1, 2001
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Deathmatch Classic or DMC is a multiplayermod of the popular first-person shooter, Half-Life. It was released as a free download concurrently with the patch of the game on June 11, 2001, and released for macOS and Linux on August 1, 2013.

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History[editedit source]

DMC was conceived by Valve as a love letter to id Software and is essentially a remake of the multiplayer component of id's Quake.[1] It took three months to develop.[2]

Gameplay[editedit source]

The original release included five maps converted from Quake. The gameplay is similar to Quake deathmatch with essentially the same weapons (except the one for melee combat, which is Half-Life's trademark crowbar instead of the original axe), armor and power-ups.[2] DMC also imitates Quake's physics, which allows an advanced player to gain a lot of extra speed or jump very high by using a number of movement skills such as bunny hopping and rocket jumping.

Team fortress 2 classic deathmatch

The default game speed in DMC is somewhat slower than in Quake. The weapons scale from the basic shotgun to the rocket launcher and the 'shaft', a powerful directed energy weapon. Three kinds of bonuses are scattered over the maps, which give the player a temporary special power: 'quad damage', 'invulnerability', and the 'ring of shadows' which turns the player into a ghostly, almost invisible figure.

Weapons and Items[editedit source]

This game contain weapons, ammo, armor and power-ups found all around the map.

Weapons[editedit source]

The weapons in Deathmatch Classic have essentially the same weapons as Quake (except for the melee weapon, which is Half-Life's trademark crowbar).

Crowbar[editedit source]

Download Half Life Deathmatch Source

The Crowbar is one of the weapons that the player spawn with, it requires no ammo but has poor range and low damage.

Shotgun[editedit source]

The Shotgun is one of the weapons that the player spawns with, because of the low damage at longer distances, therefore this weapon is best used at close range.

Super Shotgun[editedit source]

The Super Shotgun is a double barrel shotgun that shoots two bullets at a time and has a longer pause compare to the Shotgun.Because it shoots two bullets at a time, it's more powerful compared to the shotgun, however, it's also less accurate when compared to the Shotgun. This weapon is best used at very close range.

Nailgun[editedit source]

The Nailgun is a double barreled fully automatic weapon that shoots nails. Because of it's accuracy, this weapon is a good medium to long range weapon.

Super Nailgun[editedit source]

The Super Nailgun is a quad barreled fully automatic weapon that shoots two nails at a time. Because it shoots two nails at a time, it has a faster fire rate when compared to the Nailgun. It is also very accurate therefore is a good medium to long range weapon.

Grenade Launcher[editedit source]

The Grenade Launcher is a weapon that shoots grenades. If the grenade hits a target it'll explode immediately, if it didn't hit the target, it'll explode after three seconds. The grenade launcher is best used at close range because of it's short range.

Rocket Launcher[editedit source]

Team Fortress 2 Classic Deathmatch

The Rocket Launcher is a weapon that shoots rockets. It is a very powerful weapon; both a direct hit or a splash damage deals a lot of damage. It's best used at medium and short range because of it's slow projectile, therefore the enemy can avoid the projectile.

Lighting Gun[editedit source]

The Lighting Gun shoots a stream of lighting from it's center. It use one cell every second the fire key is held down. It can inflict a lot of damage if the lighting is hitting the enemy. It's best used at medium and short range.

Ammo[editedit source]

There are four different types of ammo in the game:

  • Box of Shells: Used for the Shotgun and Super Shotgun.
  • Box of Nails: Used for the Nailgun and Super Nailgun.
  • Canister of Rockets: Used for the Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher.
  • Battery: Used for the the Lighting Gun.

Armor[editedit source]

There are three different armor in Deathmatch Classic; they're listed from most common to the least common.

  • Green armor which gives 100 armor points and absorbs 30% of an attack.
  • Yellow armor which gives 150 armor points and absorbs 60% of an attack.
  • Red armor which gives 200 armor points and absorbs 80% of an attack.

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References[editedit source]

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Support[editedit source]

Language[editedit source]

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Deathmatch Classic Source

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