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LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperRolling Crown
PublishersRolling Crown
Rolling Crown
Rolling Crown
Rolling Crown
Rolling Crown
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Bright is a young woman from a small, peaceful town. Dark times have come for her family, but luckily, she has the favor of the famous healer-witch Orchid. Benevolent, calm and beloved by all, Orchid hides dark secrets that Bright begins to uncover. Bright is drawn into a world of darkness and treachery.
It seems she can never be alone again - for a powerful demonic presence has taken an interest in her activities, and his voice enters her mind at the most inappropriate times.
There are also others who play a significant role in Bright's new life...
Ari, a young apprentice witch seduced by bad influences. She tries to be friendly, even though she knows Bright is meant to be her enemy... or is she?
Sir Brash, a notorious evil knight who develops a soft spot for Bright, but has a rather special way of showing affection...
...and other adorable individuals.
To rebuild her life, Bright has to resolve the situation with her Infernal patron. Will she embrace him, fight him, or decide to merely tolerate him for being a powerful ally?
[From Steam Greenlight]
There is a Neverwinter Nights module of the same name by the same author.

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Demonheart Download

Watch the video for Demonheart from Luca Turilli's Prophet of The Last Eclipse for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Demonheart is a visual novel in a dark fantasy world full of intrigue, deception and betrayal. The main character's personality is completely up to the player thanks to extensive dialog choices. Immersive conversations with multiple choices; Female protagonist; Friendships, romances or love-hate relationships (2 male and 1 female.

Demonheart Hunters Free Download

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