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Eternal Return Black Survival, Category: Artist, Singles: Black Survival Original Soundtrack, Top Tracks: Not Far, Who Are You, Blissful Awake, Over and Out, Get.

Hey there, this is an “Hybdrid” Isol guide. It will show you a way too fastly fight and have your trap for late game and some early food.

Since I’ve began to play Eternel Return I’m focus on playing Isol, he has an atypical gameplay based on Mind Game with trap. I’ve worked on creating the best gameplan to make benefits from his passive and his ult. This way is the best one I got for the moment and i’ll explain you why !

Here are the Eternal Return: Black Survival System Requirements (Minimum). CPU: Intel Core i3-3225, AMD FX-4350; RAM: 4 GB; OS: WINDOWS 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (64Bit). LumiaCraft is a route generator for Eternal Return: Black Survival. You can generate routes for heroes like Aya, Jackie, Magnus, Adrianna, Shoichi and other characters. Eternal Return: Black Survival Fend for yourself and defeat other survivors in unique and exciting top-down Survival Battle Royale gameplay. Become your favorite character and outlast your opponents by combining your wits and strategy with searching and item crafting to become the ultimate survivor. Eternal Return is a exciting new game made with a mix of MOBA style combat, battle-royale matches, and survival game-like item crafting. Available on Steam.

Explanation : This way allow you to get your two main defensives item ( arm + body ) on zone 3. Moreover you’ll have some early food and you’re late game Trap in the same way. Isol’s ult is consider as a trap so it’s not affected by Skill amp, playing with trap up you’re ult damage and reduce the time to cast it. In the 4th zone you’ll get you’re full pistol which will permit you to fight and get kill easily. I’ve chosen Pistol cause it gives you a lot of mobility and have the best plan to fast build late trap.

Skills : You’ll need to max Q as it’s you’re only CC spell, combine to you’re Attack speed ( up by 60% ) you’ll be able to fast proke it. Second Max W, this spell is you’re second dps spell and rail hit ennemy. Get you’re E at lvl 3 and you’re passive and ult each time you can ! Passive is pretty important when playing with trap, each ennemy hit by a trap will see is Defense reduce by 25% at lvl 3.
You can up E instead of W if there’s a lot of Fio/Jackie/Magnus in your game to keep distance with them.


Problem encounter :
Getting early ganged or early fight is the biggest problem you can encounter, Isol early fight is pretty weak so try to avoid them and dodging them till you have you’re 3 first item.
This build is good in mid-late game so try to go to this point and you’re game will be more easy.

So the Main Stuff will be oriented on AP considering that only 2 spell will make profit of Skill amp while AP is benefical to your 3 dps skills and your Basic Attacks.

First you’ll begin Beach, you need to drop everything you can here, if you miss Piano Wire you can find it at Hotel.
Can and Bike helmet can be find at School.
Just don’t get Stone till you are at School, they are usefull only for Moonlight Pendant.

Second zone will be Hotel, most important item here are Scrap Metal and Iron Ore cause they can’t be find in other zone on your route so focus them.

Archery Stand will be your third zone,Hat and Oil can be find later so focus on the item you can only find in this zone.

School is your penultimate area, here you’ll can find some item you didn’t get like Hat, Winbreaker, Bike Helmet or Can but you’ll have to focus on Scissor, Fountain Pen and Ribbon

Avenue is the last zone you’ll need to check to be full stuff, here try to get a battery or the item you didn’t find in precedent area like Fountain Pen, Oil or Can

Don’t forget to fight Wolfs and Bears as much as you can to get Meteorite

So now let’s see which item are usefull to craft early food.

Early food will help you to get trade after you reach you’re three defensive item.

Trap will be pretty strong late game and give you mastery trap that boost you’re ult DMG and time cast.

So first we will take look to your early food.
So here you can get Cod at Beach then Egg at archery range for early food, Hamburger ( bread + meat ) can be nice too when you try to get Leather
Highball is a good SP regen that you can make on your second zone.

Remember to get Ice Cube so you can craft Iced Water to craft Cold Noodles which is a pretty good hp regen Item.

If Pond isn’t closed you can try to go for Healing Potion but don’t focus on it, and try to kill mob to up Pistol Mastery

So now let’s talk about trap ! Actually there’s a lot of trap but we’ll talk about 3 especially !

Eternal Return Black Survival Soundtrack

The first is Smart Bomb, this one is a Legendary Trap with High dmg and low time detonation, pretty easy to craft on our route. With you’re passive that reduce casting time you can easily stun with Q and set this trap to make a tons of damage, in combo with you’re passive that reduce by 25% defense of ennemy hit by you’re trap you can easily land you’re burst after this.

The second trap you play is Stingburst this one is a “defensive” trap due to his movement speed reduction, use it when you get chase or to make ambush in last fight around.

And the last one is “Double Guillotine” a pretty strong mono target trap for last fight !


By crafting those you can easily go for lvl 10 mastery in trap and do insane damage combined to your passive.

Eternal Return Black Survival Review

Now let’s talk about some tips !

-Remember to kite when you Q someone to stun him and burst it with W.

– If you’re on a 1v1 as last fight try to trap the last area around the control panel so you’ll have advantage for fight.

Eternal Return: Black Survival Soundtrack Release

-Try to avoid fight with Chiara if you don’t have traps, Chiara is pretty strong against Isol so be really safe when you meet her during early-mid game.

Eternal Return: Black Survival Soundtrack 2

-If you don’t succed to get Meteorite open blue box and try to get Laced Quiver or Uchiwa

Eternal Return: Black Survival Soundtrack Torrent

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