EVE Online: 1 Month Omega Time

An Omega character with neural remap focused on specific skills and +5 implants (see details below) can have 32+26/2=45 skill points per minute, 2700 SP/h, 64800 SP/day, 1.944M SP/month (per 30 days). See the following table for a breakdown of major options. 15 euro or $15 US, is the standard monthly fee for most any MMO. If you want it cheaper, pay in 3, 6 or 12 month chunks. Or you can grind enough ISK each month to purchase 500 PLEX off the market at market prices.

This page is about EVE game accounts. For EVE University forum/wiki accounts, see Applying to EVE University.

In order to play EVE you must have an Account, which links your real-world identity (e.g. e-mail address, payment information) to your in-game characters. You can have up to three characters per account. Your account name is never used in-game; it is only used for out-of-game interactions (e.g. logging into the game, paying for a game subscription, submitting support tickets, etc).

New player question about the Destroyer Bundle +1 month Omega offer. Is this offer something to consider or would I be better off getting a ship “in-game” & buying the Omega subscription at a later time? How long would I need to play to get a destroyer ship? The official subreddit for Eve Online. IMPORTANT NOTICE: CCP has killed off the PLEX rewards from the EVE Online referral program, as such, it is no longer possible to offer ISK rewards for using our referral link. You still get 1 million Skill Points for signing up with the EVE Free Trial though. Hello current and future pod-based comrades! At the same time, learning to play EVE Online has been one of the richest, most defining moments of my years of playing games, easily making it one of the best MMOs ever.

  • 1Creating an account
  • 2Subscriptions
    • 2.1PLEX
  • 3Characters
    • 3.2Multiple Character Training

Creating an account

You can create an account on the EVE Online website. If you were invited to EVE by a friend (i.e. have a referral link), use it when creating your account, as you will get some free skill points (equivalent to 2-6 weeks of training time). Additionally, your friend will receive free game time or some PLEX if you subscribe to the game. If you create an alt account of your own using the Recruit-A-Friend option and then transfer a character from one of your other accounts to the newly created account, you will be able to redeem the free skill points on the transferred character.

Starter packs

Starting to play EVE is free (there is no cost to 'buying a box', and expansions to the game are also free), but you can subsequently choose to pay for a recurring subscription. Additionally, you can buy 'starter packs', which give you additional items or temporary in-game boosts. Each starter pack can only be used one time per account. Starter packs are intended to give new players a boost when starting out.

In reality, many of the items (such as ships, ship SKINs, modules, and clothing) included in these starter packs are of very limited value, as they can be bought on the in-game market for modest quantities of ISK. The only significantly valuable items included are:

  • Cerebral accelerators, which temporarily (usually for around 2-4 weeks) increase the speed at which a character learns skills (by boosting their attributes)
  • Skill extractors, which allow you to extract skill points from a character for transfer or sale to another character
  • Multiple Character Training Certificates, which allow more than one character on an account to train simultaneously (one additional skill queue for 30 days per certificate used)
  • PLEX, used to pay for game time, in-game services (such as character remodelling and transfer), buy certain items (including cosmetic items for your character, ship SKINs, and skill extractors), or can be sold for ISK
  • Game time (usually 30 days)

There are a number of starter packs available, the contents of which vary. When deciding whether a starter pack is worth it, compare its cost to the cost of its components (game time and PLEX are sold directly), ignoring everything that isn't on the list above. Usually, the starter packs are not worth buying, unless they are significantly discounted. Packs are sold by CCP as well as authorised third-party retailers, and include:

  • Naval Capsuleer Starter Pack: 220 PLEX, 2 x race-specific frigates with fittings, and a couple of cosmetic items (pilot and SKINs)
  • Alpha Pack: 60 PLEX, 2 x Daily Alpha Injectors, and a Kapis Edge Tristan SKIN
  • Meteor Pack: 1 Month of Omega subscription time, 110 PLEX, and 3 Astero SKINs from the Cell bundle
  • Star Pack: 1 Month of Omega subscription time, 500 PLEX, and 2 x Multiple Character Training certificates (useful for Alternate characters)
  • Galaxy Pack: 3 Months of Omega subscription time, 1100 PLEX, 2 x Multiple Character Training certificates (useful for Alternate characters), 5 Skill Extractors (useful for Skill trading), SOE Spectral Shift SKIN Bundle with SKINs for the Astero, Stratios, and Nestor, SOE Expeditionary cosmetic items


See also: Clone States

While EVE can be played in a limited fashion for free, accessing all its gameplay aspects requires you to pay a recurring monthly subscription. The game subscription can be paid for in two ways:

  • Buying game time for real-life money
  • Buying PLEX with in-game money (ISK)

Game time can be bought either from CCP directly, or from an authorised third-party retailer. It can be paid as either a recurring payment, or by buying a 'block' of game time (e.g. 6 months) in advance, which is usually cheaper on a per-month basis. Depending on your local currency it may be worth shopping around to get the best deal on game time.

Subscriptions are paid for per account (not per character); any character on an account with an active subscription are considered to have Omega status. If your subscription runs out, you can continue to play the game (with the limitations of Alpha status), or renew your subscription to regain Omega status.


The 'Pilot's License Extension' (PLEX) is an in-game item with a variety of uses:

  • Buy 30 days of (Omega) game time for 500 PLEX
  • Add 30 days of Multiple Character Training time for 450 PLEX
  • Shop in the New Eden Store
  • Sell it to another player for ISK

Just like all other player-traded items on the market, the price of PLEX fluctuates with supply and demand.

Acquiring PLEX

PLEX can be:

  • Bought from another player for ISK
  • Bought for real-life money from CCP (or an authorised third-party retailer)

This allows players with disposable real-world income to easily acquire large quantities of ISK, and, conversely, players with large quantities of ISK to pay for their game subscriptions with ISK instead of real-world money. It's also possible to buy PLEX with real-world money and use it to pay for game time; however, it's almost always cheaper to buy game time (with real-world money) directly instead of buying PLEX (PLEX is more versatile and therefore tends to be more expensive than straight-up game time).

Using PLEX

Eve Online Omega Code

A long, long time ago...
The mechanics around PLEX were changed in the YC119.5 release.
See also: PLEX vault
Activate a PLEX.
Select what to do with the PLEX.

While PLEX bought in-game is a normal in-game item, PLEX bought from out-of-game sources appear in your redeeming window, and must first be redeemed (i.e. transferred) to one of the characters on that account, where it will appear as an item at that character's location (in the station's item hangar or the ship's cargo bay). It can then be moved, transported, and sold like any other in-game item. It's highly recommended that you only redeem PLEX when your character is either at a trade hub or if you intend to use it immediately (see below).

Once redeemed, you can right-click on the PLEX item to add 30 days of game time, exchange it for Aurum, etc - note that these actions consume the PLEX.

Alternatively, you can sell the PLEX to another player via the market (or contracts). PLEX tends to be traded almost exclusively in large trade hubs. Additionally, keep in mind that you need to have some liquid ISK to sell your PLEX, as you are charged broker fees (3%, can be lowered with skills) for setting up a market sell order - given that PLEX is worth around 1B ISK, you will have to pay an upfront broker fee of around 30M ISK.

Uniquely, PLEX can also be 'reverse redeemed', i.e. moved back into the redeeming queue. This is only necessary if you want to transfer a character to another account. If you've moved a PLEX back into the redeeming queue you can only redeem it again at the location where you originally reverse-redeemed it, i.e. you cannot use this as a trick for safely moving PLEX around.

PLEX safety

See also: Tips for New Players

As PLEX (once redeemed) is an in-game item like any other, it can be transported in ships and traded via contracts. Since it's so valuable, it's worth being extra careful with it.

You should NEVER haul PLEX, as every suicide ganker in New Eden will be trying to destroy your ship in the hope that they can retrieve the PLEX from your ship's wreck (like any other item, there is a 50% chance that the PLEX will be destroyed when your ship is blown up). You should never need to haul PLEX - only buy, sell, or redeem it at trade hubs, and if necessary you can use it to add game time (or any of its other uses) remotely from anywhere in the universe through the Assets window.

Additionally, since PLEX is both valuable and fairly commonly used (compared with other items of comparable value), it is often used in contract scams. If you want to be safe only buy PLEX from the market, or be extra-careful when reading the terms for contracts involving PLEX (note that the vast majority of contracts involving PLEX, especially those advertised in the Local chat window, are scams).


You can have up to three characters per account. When you log into the game you can play one of the existing characters, or click on an empty portrait to create a new character.

Alts and multiboxing

Main article: Alternate characters

While everyone starts out by playing only one character, many EVE players find it useful to create additional characters (also called 'alternate characters', or 'alts') to fulfill specific roles in the game.

If you have several accounts (you can have as many EVE accounts as you like) then you can play the game simultaneously with two (or more) characters, but only if:

  • The characters are on separate accounts (you can never play with two characters on the same account simultaneously), and
  • All the accounts involved have an active subscription (i.e. Omega status)

Multiple Character Training

Even if you have multiple characters on an account, only one of those characters can have a skill actively training; all the other characters' skill queues are paused. Therefore, if you want to train skills on an alt, you have to pause training on your main character.

When starting out with alts this is a perfectly acceptable thing to do (as you can still play all your characters even while their skill training is paused), and it continues to be a valid strategy if you only plan to have your alts training for a limited time. However, if you foresee training your alt(s) for a longer time period, and/or if you are impatient and don't want to pause training on your main character, you can train two characters (on the same account) simultaneously by buying 'Multiple Character Training'.

Buying Multiple Character Training

Multiple Character Training can be bought with PLEX (right-click on a PLEX item in your inventory) or by paying real-life money (through the EVE Account Management website). Multiple Character Training is account-based (not bound to an individual character), so you can buy it on any character on the account, and is bought in 30-day increments.

How Multiple Character Training works

Activating Multiple Character Training (MCT) opens up an additional character skill training queue for 30 days; if you want a longer period or a third training queue you have to buy multiple instances of MCT.

EVE Online: 1 Month Omega Time

It doesn't matter which characters are training simultaneously, as long as the simultaneous limit is not reached. For example, you could have 3 characters named Anna, Bob and Charlie on the same account. If you have one MCT queue active on that account, you can train any combination of two characters (Anna and Bob, Anna and Charlie, or Bob and Charlie) at the same time time for a period of 30 days. This provides extra flexibility if you want to train up several alternate characters. If you would like to train all three characters at once, you would have to buy an additional MCT queue.

EVE Online: 1 Month Omega Time

The 30 days of MCT starts ticking from the moment you buy/activate it; you have to manually log into each additional character and start their training queues. Should their training queues run out or be paused, MCT will continue to tick down, irrespective of whether your characters are actively training or not; there is no way to 'pause' MCT once it's been activated. Once the MCT queue runs out, the skill training for the character with the lowest number of skill points will be paused.

You can check how much time is remaining on your MCT queue on the EVE Account Management website.


You can permanently delete a character (this is referred to as 'biomassing') from the character selection screen. When you first select a character for biomassing, you then have to wait 10 hours (this 'biomassing queue' is to prevent you from deleting the wrong character by accident). Note that you cannot biomass a character who is the CEO of a corporation - the CEO must first resign or otherwise close the corporation before they can be added to the biomassing queue. Once the 10 hours are up, you can then biomass the character (accompanied by some mechanical sounds and an appropriate scream), deleting it permanently from the game.

If the character was a member of a player-run corporation, the following will happen:

  • All assets (ships, modules, etc) owned by the pilot, including their capsule, are transferred to their corporation and moved to the corporation's first hangar division. If the corporation does not have any offices, then the assets are destroyed.
  • Any ISK in the pilot's wallet is transferred to the corporation (into the first wallet division). This is listed in the corporation wallet journal as 'Inheritance'.
  • All members of the corporation receive an EVE-mail message, notifying them of the character's 'permanent death'.

For characters in an NPC corporation, all their assets and ISK are destroyed when they are biomassed.

While it's possible for CCP to recover biomassed characters, it is unlikely they would be able to recover or return any lost/transferred assets. If a character is 'reanimated' in this way, it occasionally leaves anomalies in the character's employment history (such as showing that they left a corporation and joined it again immediately without being in another corporation, which is not possible under normal conditions).

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  • Upgrading to Omega Clone State will allow you to unlock some of EVE’s best ships and skills, as well as an endless sequence of skills, double training speed and skill titles. As your training progresses, it provides access to the entire EVE talent tree, providing more than 300 ships.
  • Omega also opens limited gaming features for Alpha Clones, including exclusive Triglavian ship pilot, export from planet colonies, full access to the contract system, and lower taxes on production and research.
  • If your Omega time passes, you will return to Alpha Clone State. Alphas cannot use or train Omega skills, but all the money, goods and ships will remain. All your trained skills will be active as soon as your progress in Omega skills is preserved and heals again. Omega’s flexibility allows you to choose when and how to play. Your Omega Clone Status for 3 months will start from the moment you make your purchase.
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