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Europa Universalis IV 4 - Region Free Steam PC Key. Details about Europa Universalis IV 4 Art of War Expansion DLC PC Game Steam Key Region Free. Click 'Install Steam Now' button to Download & Install Steam Platform. Open Steam Platform, Login to your Account. About this bundle. Europa Universalis IV: Art of War Collection includes the Art of War expansion and the content pack. Art of War is centered on the 30 Years War and bubbling political instability between church and state, this expansion features improved gameplay mechanics that’s puts warfare at the forefront of your quest for domination and triumph.

The team at Paradox Development Studios is delivering a final diary for their upcoming Art of War expansion for Europa Universalis IV, which is designed to deal with a number of miscellaneous mechanics that are being tweaked in order to improve the overall game experience.

On the forums, the studio explains that a new auto-transport system is being introduced in order to cut down on micromanagement.

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Expansion - Europa Universalis Iv: Art Of War Download Free Online

Basically, gamers can simply right click after selecting an army, even for an overseas province, and a fleet that has transports and the option activated will move to pick them up and transport them to the new destination even handling splits if it is required.

Paradox states, “Needless to say, this is a pretty huge improvement on the busy work of naval invasions. You still should be careful with enemy fleets in the area, of course.”


The way annexation works has also been tweaked in Europa Universalis IV – Art of War.

The developers state, “Each annexation has a total cost of10 diplomatic power per base tax, modified if you have any relevant ideas, so it is cheaper than before. However, the monthly progress of annexation has been changed, so the diplomatic power tick is 1 per month at base, with +1 if same religion, and +1 if same culture group, and, most importantly, +/- your current diplomatic reputation, giving this somewhat neglected number a little greater importance.”

A list of 10 new Achievements is also being added in the expansion, some of them very weird, like a challenge to colonize Mexico using a Buddhist country.

Art of War for EU IV makes more changes to how trade works


The prices of trade goods are already being fixed in the expansion in order to offer a better economic game, but Paradox is also adding new nodes and routes, based on the expanded list of provinces that gamers can control.

The studio is also making changes to the way alliance wars work, with a reduction in the number of instances where the leader changes.


The idea is to make it clearer who is involved in a conflict and who can be called in to help, and a new penalty is being added to make it harder to get concessions from smaller allies when declaring against their leader.

Paradox also lists a number of other smaller changes.

Expansion - Europa Universalis Iv: Art Of War Download Free Torrent


Expansion - Europa Universalis Iv: Art Of War Download Free Pc Games

Art of War for Europa Universalis IV will be out on October 30 on the PC.

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