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Europa Universalis 4 gets free weekend, El Dorado expansion released If maps and menus are your thing, you could do worse than checking out Europa Universalis 4—something you can do this weekend. The DLC offers a expansion and you can just go ahead and get more stability in the game. This is one the major patch update released for the game. And a new DLC that is.

We already know that Europa Universalis IV will get the El Dorado expansion on February 26, but the team at Paradox Development Studio is ready to deliver one final diary for the title, in which it offers more details about the treasure fleet mechanics and the way terrain is being reworked in the coming experience.

The official forum offers a little history lesson about the way the Spanish crown used its domination of South America in order to mine vast quantities of silver and gold and then ship them back to the mainland, attracting the attention of both pirates and privateers from a number of other nations.

El Dorado for Europa Universalis IV will introduce a new Treasure Fleets mechanic, which means that colonial nations will no longer deliver revenue from precious metals directly to the European country that dominates them.

Instead, their gold will accumulate and from time to time Treasure Fleets are sent through the trade network to the capital, with the player having to protect them as well as he can to get as much of the wealth as possible.

Paradox states, 'If privateers hold 50% of the power in the Caribbean, they will take half the value out of any treasure fleet that passes through there. At the end of the journey, any money that remains is given to the mother nation, who suffer some inflation depending on the amount of money relative to the size of their economy.'

Pirates will be a major problem in Europa Universalis IV - El Dorado

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In order to prevent pirates and privateers from stealing a gamer's gold, they can set their fleets to hunt them down without actively starting a war against another country, as long as they have a solid set of ships to send around the world.

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For the free patch which will accompany the new expansion for Europa Universalis IV, gamers will also get a major re-design for the terrain of provinces and the mapmode associated with it, with a focus on reflecting reality as much as possible.

The new terrain types used are highlands, drylands, farmlands and savanna, all of them used in the appropriate locations.

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Patch 1.10 for Europa Universalis IV will get a full set of patch notes in the coming weeks, ahead of the arrival of El Dorado.

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