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We’re waiting and waiting for Squirrelly Girl to arrive! And like everything else these days, it’s taking longer for things to ship. I’ve been told it will be around September 9th, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Squirrelly Girl is coming all the way from Japan, so she has a long voyage. But once she makes it to Moda, they won’t want her sitting around stirring up trouble. They’ll get her out right away.

Forgotten Hill: Surgery walkthroughForgotten Hill: Surgery video youtubeForgotten Hill: SurgeryCan you escape the horrors of the Surgery Clinic?You wake up i. Forgotten Hill is a map made for Strife by speedydude900. Siegmund is the boss of Forgotten Hill. A Kactus man can be seen inside a coffin in the far corner on the hill. This map is one of the two following maps released in the development stage of Pre-alpha with Crossroads being the first map to be released before Forgotten Hill.

If you’ve pre-ordered a Squirrelly Girl kit or a Fat Quarter bundle, we’ll be shipping yours first. I’ll have a few extra kits available after the pre-orders ship. There are a lot of backings to be cut, so be patient with us. I’m the only one in my Bunny Hill studio since the Corona Virus has taken over. Normally I would have a few helpers coming and going, but for now, that can’t happen. We work online and see each other from the trunks of our cars while wearing masks. These are crazy times.

In case you’ve forgotten what you can make from Squirrelly Girl, I’ll be sharing ideas and giving you some tips over the next month. First, I couldn’t resist making a Squirrelly Girl mask for myself!


Squirrelly Girl patterns are now in stock and ready to ship, even if the fabric hasn’t arrived. I have a few bundles available that I’ve purchased from Moda during their online sample spree. You’ll find these on our website under “What’s New.” If you’re going to make our Squirrelly Girl quilt, I’ll have SVG files available for purchase soon.

There are so many new things and sew-along free quilts I’ll be sharing with you, so stay tuned. Fun things and giveaways coming!

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