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Eastside Hockey Manager, free and safe download. Eastside Hockey Manager latest version: A Full Version Sport game for Windows. Eastside Hockey Manager is a full version Windows game, being part of the category PC games with. Franchise Hockey Manager 6 Free Download. Franchise Hockey Manager returns for the 2019-20 season with plenty of additions to the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy gaming experience you can find. Choose one of 32 leagues around the globe and select a team to guide to glory, including a chance at the ultimate prize, the Stanley Cup®. The most recent version of Franchise Hockey Manager 2 (FHM 2) released on September 28, 2015 on Mac and PC. It is available through the developer website and also through Steam. 2 The new version allows the user to take control of a team in any of 21 leagues from around the world, including the NHL, KHL, Canadian leagues, minor leagues in.

Version 0.4.6 of the EHM Editor is now available to download HERE.

A full changelist is set out at the end of this post. It has been a been a really disruptive time for me which is why I haven’t been quite so active on the forums and why it has taken so long to release the latest version of the Editor. Sadly I’m around 6+ months behind schedule with Editor v2 which means no release until mid/late 2021. Hopefully over the next few months I can start making some real progress again.

This release of the Editor includes a completely re-written internal database version tracker which should resolve the issue with the database version/format being altered mid-save. This is a big change to the Editor which obviously brings risk but I’ve done a lot of testing with this and xECK29x has been using this for a few months now, so it should be fine. Aside from this, the main changes introduced with this version are:

  • JSON patching ability. This is fairly limited but it is enough to created patches to change the number of teams in a playable league. This was specifically designed to allow a 31-team NHL to be patched to a 32-team NHL. However, I’m certain this can be used for other types of patching. Click on File -> Import Patch to see further details. There are also two sample .json files included with the Editor (See “patch_example01.json” and “patch_example01.json”).
  • Club/player records importing and exporting (by popular demand!). Click on File -> Import Spreadsheet -> Create Templates in order to create a template spreadsheet. If you’re not sure how to complete the spreadsheet, click on File -> Export Spreadsheet -> Club Records and this will show how the importer spreadsheet should be completed. Note that the DOB column only needs to be completed if the person exists in the database. If the record holder does not exist in the database, just enter their first and second name and leave the DOB blank.
  • Improved text searching on the Players & Non-players screen. Unfortunately the addition of all of these extra staff filters has really slowed things down. Text searching is particularly slow. However, text searching is now much quicker if all staff filters are disabled. Text searching with any staff filters enabled is still very slow/laggy and unfortunately this is unavoidable – but this shouldn’t be an issue for EHM Editor v2.

I’m hoping to have another release in the very near future to include (1) improved schedule generation; (2) a fix to saved game viewing for v1.5 game format; and (3) the tweak to ‘auto set PA’ requested by xECK29x above.

CHANGELIST: VERSION 0.4.6 (06-December-2020)

IMPORTANT! The Editor is now a 64-bit application and is now built using Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2019. Consequently you must now install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 Redistributable before you attempt to run the Editor otherwise it will crash. You must install the 64-bit version (also known as vcredist_x64.exe). The Redistributable can be downloaded here:

New Features:

Franchise hockey manager 5
  • Added club records importing;
  • Added json patching;
  • Player potential ability auto-calculation for players aged 24 and older via (i) the Player Details tab of the Staff screen (for a single player) and (ii) via the People -> Mass Edit menu (mass editing); and
  • Re-written the internal database version tracker in order to fix an issue with the Editor changing database format mid-save.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Added an ‘Enable Logging’ setting in order to toggle logging for the purposes of testing (I highly recommend that this setting is always enabled);
  • Added an ‘NHL Draft Eligibility’ indicator to the Statistics tab of the Staff screen;
  • Added club records exporting;
  • Added extra extended logging text;
  • Added Position filtering for players;
  • Added Player Role filtering for players;
  • Adjusted the default settings on the Find and Replace Club Competitions function for mass editing player career histories;
  • Club record entries are now added for any club without any assigned;
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to access the Find and Replace Club Competitions function for mass editing player career histories;
  • Fixed potential crash when re-ordering the Retired Numbers table where there are two identical entries;
  • Fixed an issue with the NHL Draft eligibility player filter;
  • Fixed an issue with the stylesheet which was resulting in it not being applied to the Editor;
  • Inactive clubs with a Continental Licence set are now flagged as a club error in the Editor;
  • Improved performance when using the text search on the Staff screen where all filters are disabled;
  • Increased the log file size to 2,048 lines;
  • Rearranged the home screen in order to give greater prominence to the editor log;
  • The Schedule Dates Generator now accounts for leap years (note: dates falling on 29 February will continue to appear as 1 March in the Schedule Dates table due to the way in which the day of the year is stored in the database – but this shouldn’t impact the in-game dates which should still account for a leap year in any event); and
  • Tidied up the Importer screen slightly.

NOTE: Versions 0.4.3 – 0.4.5 were internal releases. The above changelist includes changes incorporated in versions 0.4.3 – 0.4.5.

Franchise Hockey Manager 7 is the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy experience you can find, including:

All new 2D in-game engine! Rebuilt from the ground up, letting you see every second of the action..

Redesigned scouting system! Better visuals and better data put you in a great position to find difference-makers.

Historical International Tournaments! Relive – and rewrite – some of the greatest moments in international hockey history.

More customization for custom leagues! Tons of new ways to create your own personal hockey univserse.

Drop the puck with the latest 2020-21 rosters, teams, and leagues!

A reworked draft! All new mock drafts, draft reviews, and scout recommendations have been added.

Officially Licensed by the NHL®!

The ONLY NHL®-licensed game for PC. Unprecedented realism, featuring NHL® logos, uniforms, and histories for all 31 teams.


With a brand new, built-from-the-ground-up 2D in-game engine, you see, feel, and can act on every moment in every game. Complete control is now in your hands!


Better visuals and better data put you in a great position to find difference-makers.


International games have been added to historical play, so you can control a team in legendary events like the 1972 Summit Series and the Miracle on Ice in 1980. Plus! A large number of new historical players have been added to the game.


Major additions to customization options for customer leagues, including the number of leagues as well as playoff options – and more!


FHM 7 offers dozens of playable leagues for the 2020-21 season, including the National Hockey League®, minor leagues in North America, the Canadian major junior leagues, and leagues across multiple levels of European hockey. All included leagues feature real current rosters, based on countless hours of detailed research and work on player ratings.


All new mock drafts, draft reviews, and scout recommendations have been added!

Franchise hockey manager 7 download free windows 7

Specify if you want changes like league foundings/closures, team expansion and deactivation, and rule changes to continue as they did historically – or not!


Franchise Hockey Manager 6 Download

Set the lineups and strategies and staff for your farm teams for the very first time.


A long-requested feature, schedules can now be exported for editing, and then re-imported.


Franchise Hockey Manager 6

The beloved Waiver Draft has been added to historical play in the years it existed, along with its predecessor, the Intraleague Draft.


A huge number of possibilities let you create your own unique hockey universe

Franchise Hockey Manager 7 Download Free Version

Can you defeat your friends to hoist the Stanley Cup®?

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PC minimum system requirements: Win7/Win8.x,Win10, min. 1280×768 display (1280×768 display size requires fullscreen mode), 1GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, about 6 GB free HD space

Apple Mac minimum system requirements: Apple Mac minimum system requirements: Intel Processor, min. macOS 10.11, min. 1280×768 display (1280×768 display size requires fullscreen mode), 8 GB RAM, about 6 GB free HD space

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