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Nov 1, 2019

Graveyard Keeper - Stranger Sins is provided via Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. A free Steam account is required. 6-12 hours of extra gameplay.

This guide will help you to complete all achievements from Stranger Sins DLC.
  1. New DLC ‘Stranger Sins’ is coming to Graveyard Keeper at the end of October, according to developer Lazy Bear Games. The downloadable content is set to release late October and will contain up to eight hours of gameplay. According to the Steam page for ‘Stranger Sins’, players will be able to set up their own events and run a tavern.
  2. Stranger Sins Description edit edit source 6-12 hours of extra gameplay. Build and run your own tavern. Finally you will have your own bar! Arrange the Rat race and Stand-up events. Get to know villagers better by completing dozens of new quests. Help Gerry to do the total recall.
  3. Graveyard Keeper - Stranger Sins. In library 3.7/5 English & 10 more 9.99 9.99. Check out now Add to cart Buy as a gift Check out now Add to cart.


This info will make completing DLC storyline and achievements easier.
  • There are spoilers in the achievements` names / descriptions / icons!
  • In order to begin DLC storyline you should go to skull Gerry(he is in your morgue). He will ask you to find and dig up the box of cognac. That's the beginning and first quest of the Stranger Sins DLC.
  • Most of the DLC`s achievements are connected with storyline and it`s impossible to skip them. You can go through the plot without thinking about achievements at all. There is no special timing requirements of completing non storyline achievements so you can do them later.
  • For the 'Excellent Events' part of this guide u will need to have some amount of beer, wine and specific food. If you don`t want to bother yourself with preparations, you can use my save.
  • I`m not sure that this save won`t trigger completion of any other achievements. Use it at your own risk. Preferably after accomplishment of all other achievements.

Storyline Achievements

  • Bought your first land in the Village. By cheating a sick and helpless old man.

Employee of the month

Graveyard Keeper Stranger Sins Review

  • Yorick became your bartender. For no salary. Slavery? No, he's made of wood!

Forward to the past
  • Used the archaeological time machine for the first time. And didn't go mad.

First party
  • Threw your first alco-party. The guests remember nothing, but they enjoyed it.

Open mic
  • Put on your first Comedy Show. The guests laughed on command, so everything went good.

Witnessed him
  • Watched the Master being summon. Is that Grace you feel?

A nation divided
  • Watched the scene at the Coliseum. Unemployment benefits is everything.

Rat race
  • Organized your first rat race. The winning rat got a giant piece of cheese, choked on it, and died.

Graveyard Keeper Stranger Sins Ending

Locking up the sun
  • Put on your first concert. Ms. Charm's fans fell into ecstasy and a brawl broke out.

Viva la King
  • Watched the destruction of the Bridge. Always think before destroying bridges!

Read before signing
  • Witnessed the Contract signing. Who are 'truly guilty men'?

King Gerry
  • Watched the scene in the bath house. You saw that one coming, didn't you?

The show must go on
  • Organized 15 events. You're a natural-born event manager!

From Talking Skull to Epic Skull

Talking Skull
  • Built the tavern. Horadric wishes you were dead now.

Good skull
  • Your tavern's quality is 20! Wow!

Well-known skull
  • Your tavern's quality is 40! Double Wow!

Epic skull
  • Your tavern's quality is 80! Ultra Wow!

  1. Get upgrade for your tavern.
  2. Build table for rat races, 4 'Tavern table II' and 3 'Barrel'.
  3. Build 'Cabinet with artifacts' and put every artifact from DLC storyline in it.

Excellent Events

In order to complete all this achievents and save your time you can use little trick. Prepare all necessery items in advance and go to sleep(making new save). After that you can start event in tavern, get an achievement, exit to main menu, load your save and go for another achievement. Use this strategy till you get every achievement from this section.
What items will you need?
  • 100 Mug of beer(Gold quality)
  • 100 Red wine(Gold quality)
  • 60 Onion rings(Gold quality)
  • 40 Burger(Gold quality)
  • 40 Pasta
  • 10 Faith
  • 15 Flyer
  • 3 Reputation stars in tavern

Best party
  • Threw an excellent alco-party. It's time to open the local drunk tank.

Put 100 Mug of beer and 100 Red wine in barmen`s inventory. Everything should be gold quality. Start Graveyard Fest event in your tavern.

Graveyard Keeper - Stranger Sins Key

Best mic
  • Put on an excellent Comedy Show. It can't be the guests didn't have to be commanded to laugh!

Put 100 Mug of beer and 60 Onion rings in barmen`s inventory. Everything should be gold quality. Start Comedy standup event in your tavern.
Best race
  • Organized an excellent rat race. Two guests lost everything and drowned themselves.

Graveyard Keeper Stranger Sins Wiki

Put 100 Mug of beer and 60 Onion rings in barmen`s inventory. Everything should be gold quality. Start Rat races event in your tavern.

Best concert
  • Put on an excellent concert. Ms. Charm received a marriage proposal from each male spectator.

Put 100 Red wine, 40 Pasta and 60 Burgers in barmen`s inventory. Everything should be gold quality(Except Pasta. There is no gold Pasta in the game). Start Ms. Charms song event in your tavern.

Stranger Sins Graveyard Keeper

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