Holy Potatoes! We’re In Space?!

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Almost two years later, the game came to the Nintendo Switch. We’re In Space?! Features a large cast of potato based characters, and revolves around resource management and turn based combat, with progress being made as you follow the story, explore space and gradually upgrade your spaceship. We’re In Space?! It’s not exactly a chip off the old block when it comes to space adventures, instead it’s a brand new buttery mash of its own creation. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in space, Holy Potatoes is a great game and we’ve got some fresh tips right here to help you with combat, so get ready to dominate space itself. We’re in Space?! Is a whacky space exploration game where you manage your very own spaceship, craft hundreds of weapons, and explore the vastness of a veggie-filled universe. Play as sisters Cassie and Fay as they scour dozens of planets in a dynamic universe for their beloved grandfather, Jiji! We're in Space?! Is an indie simulation game developed by Daylight Studios that draws some inspiration from FTL. With crafting, crew managemen. Current Trainers: Holy Potatoes! We are in Space! V1.00 Trainer +3 Holy Potatoes! V1.1.3 Trainer +4 Options: Inf.Ship Shield Inf.Ship Parts Health Inf.Money Inf.Power Notice: First go into battle and get hit once then activate ship shield and health cheats First buy.

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Holy Potatoes Game

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Holy Potatoes We're In Space Switch

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Welcome cosmonauts, to the perilous and patulous potato universe of Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?! - A game where you manage your own spaceship while hurtling through a spud filled universe!


Holy Potatoes! We’re In Space?!


Play as Cassie and Fay, two spudette sisters who are out exploring the universe in search of their grandfather Jiji, who has been incarcerated by the evil federation, The Eclipse.

Developer Diary

Craft hundreds of weapons for your spaceship!

Craft missile, shrapnel, wave, laser, and railgun type weapons! Explore the universe and unearth the weapon components to aid you in crafting these weapons!

Hire engineers to become part of your crew!

Engineers are your spaceship’s lifeline. Train them to increase their skill, get them to research powerful technology, and craft weapons for you ship!

Explore dozens of planets and galaxies, or why not explore the whole universe!

Take your ship out to explore hundreds of procedurally generated planets!

Gather resources to upgrade your spaceships and craft weapons!

Gather antimatter, plasma, ores, nanofibres, biomass, $tarch, and weapon components to craft your weapons!

Combat evil galactic broccoli and extraterrestrial carrot spaceships and many more!

Holy potatoes we

Encounter all sorts of space races such as potatoes, yams, tofu, ginger, and a spud-load more!

Encounter epic boss battles!

Holy Potatoes We're In Space Review

Battle the toughest and most unique bosses the universe has to offer!


Holy Potatoes We're In Space Guide

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