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Ost from the game trailer 'Hylics 2'


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Hylics 3

Comment by AyahiJah

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@user-254112570 thanks !

Hylics 2 Free Download


Comment by Ose

@yahya-abouabdellah the songā€™s called ā€œprevailing westerliesā€!

Comment by AyahiJah


is there anyway to only get the first half,where it isn't a lonely haunted spaceship in the middle of texas

Hylics 2

Comment by grassbowl

Hylics 2 Review

@mrcreamtastic hopefully apple music as well. Theyre all bangers

Comment by DesertSage


OG Song is actually named 'Prevailing Westerlies', Hoping the rest of the OST Gets slapped onto SC or so by Salamone himself, Him or Lindroth. Perfect place to do so. Spotify as well.

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