Neon Abyss Soundtrack

Current Weapons[editedit source]

The Neon Abyss Official Soundtrack was composed by Min He. Music arranged by Min He, Perry Woo, Glissando Music & Sound Productions. Neon Abyss' pixel art graphics and superb soundtrack round off a perfect addition to the Switch's formidable catalogue of indie treasures.

  1. Commercial (Digital) published by Team17 Digital Ltd on Sep 24, 2020 containing original soundtrack from Neon Abyss with compositions by Min He, Huang Liang.
  2. BGM of Rolling Sky game level 25, Neon. Such a beautiful level Omg Im really late. But here it is now! Sorry for uploading this 4 months late lol.

Neon Abyss includes many Weapons that can aid or kill the Player.

NeonNeon Abyss Soundtrack

Neon Abyss Soundtrack

IconNameDescriptionAbilityTypeOutputRate of FireNotes
AirgunIt's so light, it's as if it doesn't exist.[Active] Slow down your falling speed.NormalInvisible BulletsFastInfinite range.
Black WidowHold your breath[Active] Roll forward a short distance.ChargePenetrating Bullets--
Black RavenThe wisper in the dark...[Active] Detonate yourself! Cost half a heart and one crystal.NormalLaserNormalInfinite range. Shoot two lasers individually then reload for 2 seconds. The laser is piercing: you can hit multiple enemies in the same direction.
Death RayGaze from the Abyss[Active Item] Order! Clear all bullets and damage all enemies in this room. Costs 1 bomb and 1 crystal.
[Active Item] Blink a short distance forward.
ChargeLaserSlowCharge for a minimum of 1 second and release button press to emit a laser with infinite range.
DestinyIt's up to you... or fate.[Active] Reroll your gun's variables. Try your luck! Randomly change the properties of this weapon. Costs 10 coins.NormalBulletsSlow-
DestroyerScream from hell.[Passive] Have a chance to get evil sprites each time you kill an enemy.NormalSmall LasersFast-
FamineFace your fear.[active] increase your fire of rate in the current room.NormalTracking Bullets-Requires 1.7 second reload after 4 shots.
FirekissYou know nothing.[Passive] The more hearts you have, the more bullets you can fire.NormalBullets-Shoots two bullets.
ForgePatience is also a weapon.[Active] You can lift a box or barrel!ChargeBulletsNormalCharge up for more bullets.
FrostfireFear and Trembling! Charge and throw a frost bomb.XChargeBulletsNormalCharge and release to fire several ice grenades.
Giant BeastYou must like this! But use it... cautiously.XNormalRocketsNormal-
Golden RippleA white lie.[Passive] When your bullets hit a coin, it may double, or disappear. [Active] Drop random coins.NormalBullets--
Golden SamPower is more important than precision.[Active] Drop random coins.NormalBulletsFast-
GuardianGood night, sleep tight.[Passive] You have a chance to get guardian sprites each time you kill an enemy.NormalBulletsNormalBullets make circle movements instead of traveling straight.
HawkeyeI'm watching you![Passive+Active] Enemies hit by this gun will be marked. You can detonate them all at once. Costs 2 crystals.NormalBulletsNormal-
JimmyThere are fish bones all over the place.[Passive] When your bullets hit the coin, it may double, or disappear. [Active] Drop Random CoinsNormalFishbonesNormalSplitting bullets
JudgementJustice will be dispenced in 3...2...[Active] Get a key. Cost 5 crystals.NormalBullets/LasersNormalShoots bullets while charging up to shoot a laser.
KeygunAfter recharging, launches a golden key. It can open all locks.XChargeNormalSlowBullets can open all locks.
Light DancerDancing on the battlefield[Passive] This weapon deals melee damage.

[Active Item] Open all locked chests and doors in this room. Costs 5 crystals

[Active] Fire extinguisher: Fly freely. No cost

NormalLaser BeamNormal
LullabyGood night, sleep tight.[Active] Get a Sliver egg which won't ever hatch. Cost 5 crystalsNormalElectricNormalBullets make circle movements instead of traveling straight.
MelodyLooks ordinary, but hides a mysterious secret weaponXNormalBulletsNormalMatt's starter weapon
MessengerDelivering eternal romance.[Active] Upgrade your weapon in the current room.NormalBoomerangNormal-
MeteorTears from heaven.[Active] You have a chance to open locks or hurt yourself.NormalBulletsFastShoots 3 bullets (9 bullets per second!)
NebulaThere is a chance you might fire a laser.[Active] Drop random pickups. Cost some coins.NormalBullets/LaserNormalShoots 3 to 5 bullets with a random chance for a laser beam.
NoiseThe ideal of the past.[Active] Get an egg.
[Active] Summon a ladder.
NormalBulletsNormalItem has two different sprites.
Bullets split into three bullets at the end of their travel distance.
OrionAll those moments will be lost in time...XNormalLaserNormalR-6's starter weapon.
PassengerEnjoy yourself![Active] Damages all enemies in the room. Costs 3 crystals.NormalBouncyNormal-
Pink FlameA soul burning in agitation.XNormalBulletsNormalSaya's starter weapon
PhantomEverything is... slowing... dowwwnnnn[Active] Slow down time.XNormalBulletsSlow
Plastic GunRefresh all items to pickups.[Active] Refresh all closed chests.
[Active] Refresh all items and pickups.
[Active] Refresh all items to pickups.
RainbowColor the world![Passive] Eggs will never hatch.Normal-Normal-
RebelListen to the call of your heart.[Active] Upgrade your weapon in the current room.NormalSmall LasersFast-
Red DragonThe ultimate weapon...Destroy everything!!XNormalHoming RocketsFastShoots 2 homing rockets per shot up to 8 then reloads.
SeagullWaiting for your moment to burst from the clouds.XNormalBulletsNormalAnna's starter weapon
SentinelAdded tracking modules but sacrificed the performance.[Active + Passive] Hearts can be stored and thrown out. Throwing out hearts does not cost any crystals.NormalTracking BulletsSlow-
ShadowTiny letters inscribed on the barrel read: Wednesday.XNormalBulletsNormalWade's starter weapon
Silver MoonMysterious weapon from another dimension.[active] Drop down on stone objects and break them open (Chests, rocks, ect)NormalLaser--
Song of JoyThe most important thing in life is to be happy.[Active] Gain the ability to fly in current room.
[Active] Hatch an egg immediately.
[Active] You can fly in the current room.
Soul BringerUnleash your potential![Passive] This weapon deals melee damage.
[Active] Be invincible for a short time.
NormalLaserNormalActive ability grants iframes for 5 seconds. The laser fires as long as you hold down the trigger and you can adjust your aim while your fire.
Star BurstThe crystallization of future technology.XChargeLaserSlow-
SummerAnother one bites the dust.[Active] Summon a wooden box.ChargeMusic NotesNormalOrbiting the Player instead of shooting
SwallowClose your eyes.[Active] Drop random coins. Cost half a heart.NormalBouncy BulletsNormal-
TerryThere are fish bones all over the place.XNormalFish bonesNormalSplitting bullets
The 8th ColorA wizard's secret weapon.[Passive] Add an extra crystal container when your weapon is upgraded.NormalStars
Bouncy Bullets
NormalCycles through the 4 different projectiles.
The BlasterPatience, young grasshopper... Charge this before firing for a shot worth waiting for.XChargeBulletsNormalClick to fire. Hold to charge.
ThunderROCK AND ROLL![Passive] Your music deals melee damage to enemies!
[Active] Upgrade your gun level permanently.
NormalMusical NotesNormalOrbiting the player instead of shooting.
TriggerfishIt has a dream...[Active] You can fish in pools of water.

[Active] Get an egg.

NormalNormalNormalFire slow-moving bullets that travel in a spiral path.
TwinsQuantum entanglement technique[Active] Increase gun's damage on the current room. Cost 2 crystals.NormalHelix BulletsNormalAdd one bullet for every upgrade
VortexFor Honor, for Atlantis![Active] Spend hearts to get coins.Whip BeamElectricNormalX
White FoxCharming and dangerous.[Active] Fires an energy ball.NormalNormal, StarNormalFor every bullet you get instead a star cape that appears when shooting, that is able to track and damage enemies in it's range.
Wild WolfMore blood![Passive] Each time an enemy is killed, this weapon's damage increases.NormalBulletsNormalOnce you get hurt, it will return to it's original state.
Wind BladeDancing on the battlefield.[Active Item] Pure light surrounds you! Be immune to damage for a short time. Cost 3 crystals.



Neon Abyss Soundtrack Release

Unobtainable Weapons[editedit source]

These are weapons that are in the code but are unobtainable within the current version of Neon Abyss.

NameDescriptionAbilityTypeOutputRate of FireNotes
AprilIs there any pizza left?XNormalShurikensNormalCan return and double bullet counts for every upgrade
BlizzardYou are unstoppableXNormalPenetrating BulletsNormal-
Energy CannonCharge and shoot!XChargeStrong Bullets--
Light of GalaxyThe light of wisdom!XChargeElectric-Hit enemies and walls will make an electric ball
NovaHeritage from expeditionXNormal and ChargeElectricBetween slow and normal-
WindstormCrazy dancers in the battlefieldXNormalBulletsFast

Neon Abyss All Items

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