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We often hear stories of people who’ve learned from their dreams or been inspired by them. Think of Paul McCartney’s story of how his hit song “Yesterday” came to him in a dream or of Mendeleev’s dream-inspired construction of the periodic table of elements.

But, while many of us may feel that our dreams have special meaning or a useful purpose, science has been more skeptical of that claim. Instead of being harbingers of creativity or some kind of message from our unconscious, some scientists have considered dreaming to be an unintended consequence of sleep—a byproduct of evolution without benefit.

Sleep itself is a different story. Scientists have known for a while now that shorter sleep is tied to dangerous diseases, like heart disease and stroke. There is mounting evidence that sleep deprivation leads to a higher risk of obesity and Alzheimer’s disease. Large population studies reflect a saddening truth—the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life. Not only that, sleep helps us to hold onto our memories and to learn facts and skills faster, making it important for everyone including infants, students, athletes, pilots, and doctors.

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We’ve all had strange dreams that have left us confused and worried when we wake up, right. Are they prophetic dreams? A message from our unconscious? What do these dreams mean? Wouldn't it be great to be able to analyze our dreams and really discover what they mean? Thanks to our dream interpretation guide, you can now fully understand what your dreams mean and symbolize. Discover what they are trying to tell you!

Dream interpretation is the process of discovering what your dreams actually mean and what your they are trying to tell you. In ancient tradition, dreaming was considered as a means of communication with the Gods, so how do we interpret them today?

Do all dreams have meanings?

A dream is a completely intelligible message from your unconscious mind to your cognitive mind. Our unconscious mind communicates our dreams in gibberish and in symbols, which means that our cognitive mind which communicates with language has a hard time deciphering the hidden messages.

What are dreams trying to tell you?

Dreams are images and stories that our minds create whilst we sleep. Dreams are our unconscious minds trying to communicate our issues, fears and worries that need to be addressed.

They represent our ideas, ambitions and even our fears, so they do always mean something, although figuring out what exactly can be a tough task.

10 most common dreams: What it means if you dream of:

1. Losing your teeth

This type of dream is often interpreted as a death announcement, which is nothing but symbolic in reality. On the other hand, attention is brought to a loss of vitality, energy, or a specific vulnerability that we'd advise you to listen to. Read more about the teeth falling out dream here.

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2. Driving a car

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The car represents our body (the vehicle of our soul) and driving represents our evolution in life. Depending on whether the road is smooth or you’re driving on a dangerous path, this evokes the road we've taken in our lives at the time of the dream it may be positive or negative. Moreover, if we aren’t driving the car, this signifies that, we are struggling to make our own choices..

3. Flying (in an airplane)

This reveals that we’re in an important time of change. This could mean we are heading towards a new start, where destiny often imposes itself on us without us necessarily having control over the destination. This evokes a period of important decisions but proves necessary in order for us to advance.

4. Dreaming of pregnancy or childbirth

This is the sign of a deep growth and an upcoming rebirth, or a part of us that’s in process of revealing itself to and that we’ll see this change soon. This can also represent a change in our personality, an opening to a new aspect or character trait.

5. Spiders

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Fear of and provoked anxiety by spiders most often reveals the fear of an authoritative figure that someone perceives as destructive, who comes from a mother who’s too invasive, who acts as a large authority in life. Dreams about spiders can also highlight a relationship that’s overwhelming, heavy, anxiety-provoking with its hierarchy, or dark thoughts that pass through our mind at the moment of the dream.

6. Losing your keys, can’t open a door, or unable to start your car

This evokes that we’re missing an element to advance and “open a new door” or “start again.” This can be a missing character trait (force, confidence) or knowledge (feeling of missing education or understanding), real or felt, or a loss of control/mastery on life or a particular situation. Note that this dream can depict a car key that isn’t working so the engine doesn’t start up, which evokes a problem with your partner in an intimate relationship.

7. Being in an elevator

People often dream of elevators during a time where they feel helpless and are faced with an oppressing situation, whether it be professional or interpersonal. The people present in the elevator often indicate the concerned area, which represents professional ascension in most cases, but can also evoke a difficulty leaving an emotional relationship that doesn’t appear very safe.

8. Being followed or threatened by a cat or dog

A person often feels particularly oppressed and will wake up affected by this type of dream, which evokes the relationship someone maintains with themselves and others. In general, the cat represents the instinctive side of ourselves and according to its behavior in our dream, the cat can also inform us on our behavior. For a woman, the cat can also represent her inner femininity and sexuality.

The dog represents the loyal friend or friendship. According to its behavior in our dream, this animal can evoke a fear or suspicion or, on the contrary, a peaceful and loving relationship with your loved ones. You should also note that, according to the state which the animal presents itself (in good health or hungry and poorly taken care of…), this could mean a lack of attention that we’re giving our own bodies.

9. Climbing a mountain

This dream reveals a search for rising in power, a well-being, or a new knowledge that’s strictly about ourselves. This dream can represent a step to overcome, which will allow us to evolve personally or professionally, sometimes spiritually. Reaching the summit confirms success with yourself or a situation, a spiritual elevation to a “sacred” extent (the mountain provides the link from the Earth to Heaven).

10. Marriage

For women already in a relationship, this can be a compensatory dream that expresses and releases a strong desire for marriage and childbirth, which are taking a while to come to you. Dreaming of marriage can also evoke an inner reconciliation that’s in operation between a man and a woman, maybe after a break-up. Further to this very positive connotative dream, this could be followed by an important and blossoming encounter because inner peace and openness has returned.

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In another sense, for a single, already married, or an older woman, a dream about marriage can represent her relationship with herself and her femininity. This evokes a gain in independence, calming down, and a renunciation of solitude or individuality in order to open up to a more vast idea.

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