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Have you seen the statue that requires you to find three apples in order to open it? If you have and you’re reading this, I’m guessing you haven’t been able to find them. Well, that’s why we’re here.

Apple #1

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So the first apple is in the tree. Done. Next!

Apple #2

Head up to the Painter’s house and jump onto the umbrella to propel yourself into the air.

Land on the moving cloud and make your way to the left onto the other moving cloud.

You’ll eventually get to a big cloud with a bird’s nest on it (physics be damned!). As the model citizens we all are, we want to kick the eggs and release the baby birds.


But then the mum will come by and be all like, “wah wah, my babies, get ’em back, wah!”. So, we that’s what we have to do.


The first bird is just underneath the umbrella that got us up here… you know, the one just above the painter’s house.

The second bird is on the roof of the baskick champion’s house, just right of the mill.

Return to the mother bird and she’ll give you an apple!

Apple #3

Go to the cable car and drop down…

Head to the bottom and proceed left through the zigzags in the wall. You’ll be confronted with a big rock… kick it!

It’ll take three kicks, but it will break and reveal a cave.

When you head inside, the rock will tell you that it wants to play hide and seek. So now, we have to find him.

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You’ll need to find and kick the rock three times in total. The first time is here…

The second time is on the roof of the mill, here…

And the last time is up in the clouds, here…

I see you defying the laws of physics there, Mr. Rock.

And he’ll give you the third and final apple!


Pikuniku Achievements

And then…?

So now, obviously, we go back to the statue. Go down the well that’s next to the mill and take a left at the bottom.

Pop those apples in the bowl and head inside!

Pikuniku Free Apk

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