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Download; Download Prehistorik 2 for Windows. Game: Prehistorik 2: Size: 2.16 Mb: Runs On: Windows: Available Platform. While you download, remember to support GamesNostalgia. Help us with a donation. GamesNostalgia is a free site maintained by volunteers. Help us keep the site alive with a donation. Money will be used the pay the costs of. Prehistorik 2 is a video game published in 1993 on DOS by Titus France SA. It's an action game, set in a dinosaurs, platform and prehistoric themes, and was also released on Amstrad CPC. Download Prehistorik 2 for free from DOS Games Archive.

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  1. Prehistorik


DOS - 1991

Also released on: Amiga - Amstrad CPC - Atari ST

4.73 / 5 - 77 votes

Description of Prehistorik

'Eat and beat your way through 150 screens of awesome, nourishing fun and relive the Prehistorik epic in this incredible platform game. Armed with your Diner Club Anticus, proven to be the ancestor of the baseball bat, you start in pursuit of the Hilarious Maxidocus and take on armies of hairy spiders. Explore the virgin icefields of Antarctica, lush tropic jungles, and the dark and mysterious caverns of the shady continent. Don't worry about beatin' and meatin', it's for the good of the T-bone tribe. The hunt for lunch is on; come and get it!' -- Ad Blurb.

Prehistorik is a solid conversion of Titus' Amiga platform hit. The game's highlights are the zany humor, inventive levels, and humorous antics of both your caveman and the enemies. What I like in particular about the game is the many creative weapons you can find and use, as well as secret paths that lead to bonus items. The music is also quite catchy, and better than most games of its type (unfortunately, the PC music, as usual, can't compare to the rocking tune of Amiga version).

The sequel Prehistorik 2 boasts even better graphics, as well as all-new levels and monsters. It also removes a semi-annoying requirement in Prehistorik that you must collect a certain amount of food before proceeding to the next level. This makes the game more fun, as you no longer need to roam around levels over and over, looking for that one last food.

Overall, both games are fun, 'feel-good' platformers that provide just the right level of challenge for the dexterity challenged (like me), with fun levels that are difficult, but not too difficult to frustrate you. Both are highly recommended!

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David2019-10-190 point DOS version

This game is beautiful... Does it work on Windows XP or 7 ?

Fufuken2018-05-130 point


vando2015-12-241 point DOS version

Thanks a lot, my gf wants to play it again in my retropie.

Prehistorik 2 Download Free Pc

akoo2013-09-270 point DOS version

Prehistorik 2 download free. full

really really thank you..!!!

Rox22082012-05-130 point DOS version

Prehistorik 2 Download Free Torrent

This was such a cool game when I first played it. Very pretty visuals considering how old it is.

Raul2011-06-041 point DOS version

Lovelyyyyyy game

Rusty2011-04-18-1 point DOS version

Omg thanks to this site i fianlly found this game... Iv been looking for this game for such a long time. WOW this is amazing

Prehistorik 2 download free version

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Other Releases

Prehistorik was also released on the following systems:


  • Year:1991
  • Publisher:Titus France SA
  • Developer:Titus France SA

Amstrad CPC

  • Year:1991
  • Publisher:Titus France SA
  • Developer:Titus France SA

Atari ST

  • Year:1991
  • Publisher:Titus France SA
  • Developer:Titus France SA

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