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Railway empire guide
Railway Empire
Publisher(s)Kalypso Media
Artist(s)Bruno Frasca, Daniel Lieske
ReleaseWindows, Linux, PS4, Xbox OneNintendo Switch
  • JP: February 14, 2020[1]
  • WW: June 19, 2020[citation needed]

About This Content This is the complete and definitive soundtrack for Railway Empire and its DLCs. Featuring 95 songs from the PC version of the game - all composed & produced by Dag Winderlich.

Railway Empire is a rail tycoon simulation game released on 26 January 2018 for Windows and Linux and later 30 January for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was developed by the German studio Gaming Minds Studios and produced by Kalypso Media.[2][3] In Japan, the physical copy of the game was distributed by Ubisoft in May 2018.[4]


Railway Empire's base game takes place in the United States from 1830 to 1930. The player can build a large network of railway lines and buy various locomotives to serve cities and industries - growing cities in the process, and hire railway personnel for both train operations and office positions, all with individual bonuses and personality types. The game has several game modes like campaign mode, scenario mode, free mode and sandbox mode.[5][6][7]

In the campaign mode, the player plays against different competitors. In the Scenario mode, these competitors are selectable and playable characters with specific gameplay bonuses.[8]


As of 8 May 2020, the game has nine downloadable content (DLC) available. Most DLCs add new Scenarios to the game, new maps for Free Game and Sandbox mode, new engines and tradeable goods. One DLC, Railway Empire - Official Soundtrack, does not add to the base game and instead is the release of the soundtracks of the base game and the other DLCs.[9]

NameRelease DateDescription
Mexico8 June 2018Discover the diversity of Mexico - take on new and challenging missions in the arid northern regions all the way to the dense jungles in the south of the country. Boost Mexico’s economy in the new scenario by building a thriving infrastructure and exporting to the USA.[10]
The Great Lakes17 August 2018Dominated by forest and tundra, Canada in the 1860s is sparsely populated and only a few settlements have managed to develop into larger towns. Bridge the distance between the British colonies and reach economic independence by creating a track infrastructure for the Great Lakes region.[11]
Crossing the Andes19 October 2018Take on new journeys in the depths of South America in the early 20th century, where a hoard of exotic new resources are ripe for the picking and plans for crossing the Andes by train are drawing attention from investors far and wide. Unforgiving mountains and relentless jungle terrains will make this challenge a tough one for even the most experienced tycoons.[12]
Great Britain & Ireland14 December 2018England - Home of the first steam engines is experiencing an age of unprecedented progress and technological innovations. Expand your rail network across the British Isles as streets and canals cannot cope with the burgeoning requirements of industrial city centers. Build respect and social standing among those who have their doubts in locomotives as the future of transportation. Prevail against competing railway companies to gain prosperity and fame.[13]
Germany1 March 2019Marked by the revolts and rebellions of the March Revolution, the German petty states are on the brink of economic collapse. However, with the appearance of the first private trains, cross-border connections are increasingly growing, linking the larger cities and creating industrial centers that will lift the troubled country. In the Railway Empire - Germany DLC you will be a central part of this movement. Strengthen your influence as a railway magnate within Germany and exploit new building grounds by acquiring valuable concessions.[14]
France24 May 2019In the wake of Emperor Napoleon III’s exile, the French monarchy has collapsed for the second time, and the Third Republic has taken its place. In the Railway Empire – France DLC you will decide your country’s industrial future. Either take sides with a militaristic general and increase the strength of France’s borders in anticipation of a new war or help the minister of public work to rebuild the infrastructure of the country and undertake the controversial new “Eiffel Tower” project.[15]
Northern Europe13 December 2019Railway Empire heads to ‘Northern Europe’ with its latest DLC. Aid the Swedish Parliament and construct a national railroad to continue the country’s far-reaching industrial advancements along the lakes and sprawling rivers that were first used by freight ships to provide goods and supplies to Northern Europe’s people.[16]
Down Under8 May 2020During the first half of the 19th Century, the colonial territories of Australia are sparsely populated and consist primarily of coastal cities and a few smaller farming settlements in the remote outback. However, a series of events is set to spark an industrial revolution, one that will usher in an era of change for Australia and secure a lucrative future for the fledgling nation.

In the Railway Empire “Down Under” DLC, it is up to you to tame the unforgiving outback and expand your railway network across its wild terrain and beyond. Your railway will ultimately be the key to laying the foundations for flourishing cities and to connecting remote mining settlements to coastal metropolises. Are you ready to face the sun-scorched landscape of Australia’s Red Centre?[17]


Aggregate score
MetacriticPC: 74/100[18]
PS4: 79/100[19]
XONE: 77/100[20]
NS: 74/100[21]

The game has a score of 74 on Metacritic.[18]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Railway Empire won two awards, being in total four times nominated by the Deutscher Entwicklerpreis 2018.[22][23]

  • WINNER - Best German PC/Console Game
  • WINNER - Best German Technical Performance Game
  • Nominated - Best German Game
  • Nominated - Best Graphics

Railway Empire has also been nominated by TOMMI - Der deutsche Kindersoftwarepreis 2018.[24]


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