Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty ushers in the rule of an eternal queen with a new set of tricky power balances to manage and items to throw at whoever displeases you.

The life of a monarch is not as easy as it looks. True, it mostly involves making a bunch of decisions, but the impact of those can make or break a kingdom. Reigns: Her Majesty is the sequel to Devolver Digital’s initial hit called Reigns. This time around, you will be playing as the queen, whose job is to outmaneuver those who are trying to depose her and her husband. You can trust no one, but you also cannot win without the help of the different factions in your kingdom. You will soon discover that making decisions based on justice does not always make a good queen. Maintain the balance between the different factions, and navigate the dangerous world of politics. Watch the narrative unfold, and discover the numerous paths to becoming a true ruler. Make sure you read our collection of Reigns: Her Majesty tips and tricks to learn everything you need to know to run a kingdom!

  • Reigns: Her Majesty is a smart and surprising extension of the original swipe-'em narrative game. Samuel Roberts Former PC Gamer EIC Samuel has been writing about games since he was 18.
  • Embark in a great journey with new kingdoms and an exclusive plot, much different from last time! Play Reigns: Her Majesty on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and create the best narrative possible of your kingdom. Reach specific goals and go from reign to reign to unlock new sets of cards and directions.
  • Reigns: Her Majesty is a sequel to last year’s Reigns, and, like its predecessor, it’s a game of diplomacy that plays like swiping through Tinder.(Reigns: Her Majesty was written by my friend.

1. Balance Is Key

Reigns: Her Majesty is really serious when it comes to showing that too much of something is a bad thing. If you are too wealthy, the people will get jealous and try to take you down. If you are too religious, you will be accused of being a fanatic and try to take you down. If you are too kind, heathens will take advantage of you and, yes, try to take you down. Basically, being too much of one type of personality will get you deposed, or killed.

If you value your life, you have to be prepared to make difficult decisions. Decisions that you won’t necessarily like. The key to success in this game is finding the right balance between pleasing your subjects, and showing them who’s boss. You will have to learn when to give in to requests, and when to turn people down.

2. Be Ruthless, But Be A Lady

Reigns Her Majesty Duel Yourself

As the queen, you will wield a lot of power. Don’t bother depending on the king. Everything will be up to you. Unfortunately, since you are a woman living in medieval times, there are some things that you need to think about when behaving. As the ruler of the kingdom, you will have to be strong, decisive, and independent. Do not be afraid to wave the big stick around when it matters. However, keep in mind that you are also a lady, and there are eyes watching. Make sure you maintain lady-like qualities or the church will start accusing you of immoral acts. The last thing you want is to antagonize the church over something as simple as showing too much skin.

3. Use Items Strategically

There are various items that can be acquired in the game that can help you progress. Using these items correctly can unlock new paths for you. However, if you keep showing random things to random people, they will start thinking you are a crazy queen who like to throw stuff around for no reason. You don’t want that, so make sure you know what you are doing. We have listed some of the more useful items below, and how you should use them.

Dueling Pistol

When in danger, it always helps to have a weapon in tow. You can use this to get out of sticky situations, or to just scare people if you are feeling a little crazy. You will need to use the pistol correctly if you want to come out of a duel in one piece. When someone accepts your challenge to a duel, make sure you pay attention to the owl. He will indicate a key word. Wait until he mentions the keyword before firing your pistol. As you can imagine, waving a pistol around isn’t a great idea. Use it only when you feel threatened or cornered by other characters.


Like the pistol, the perfume can help get you out of a bad situation, only it uses a more feminine approach. The smell of perfume will remind people of your royal status, and help you charm them in the process. If someone is being rude to you, spray some perfume in their face and watch them change their tune. A more serious situation would be when you offend the church and the Cardinal comes to deliver divine punishment. Use your feminine wiles and spray him with perfume, so he will forgive you. Keep in mind, though, that the perfume will only work on him once.


For some reason, the queen will pick up a chicken bone. It has a weird purpose, though. Once you have maxed out the church stat, the Cardinal will pay you a visit. Show him the chicken bone, and he will give you a Saint’s bone in return. Weird, right? If you don’t feel like kissing up to the church too much, you can just use the bone to play fetch with the dog. It doesn’t do much good, but at least people won’t think you’re crazy.

Clock of Destiny

When you start off, it will just be a broken clock. You will have to wait until one of your advisors gets an old owl clock fixed. Show the broken clock to the woman doing the repairs, and she will turn it into the Clock of Destiny. Once you have it, head into the garden maze. Look for star signs hidden in the maze and use the clock there. Doing this will unlock different results.

Red Book

Like the clock, this starts out as a normal book. With a bit of magical influence, it will soon turn into the Red Book. This book of spells will then give you the ability to talk to different animals. Once you are able to talk to them, you will get all sorts of information from them. One particular animal you should seek out, however, is the clever fox.


4. Start Over After Death

There are numerous paths a queen can take. Unfortunately, her enemies are just as many. If at some point the King, the Cardinal, or some other character approaches you, and the only response available is “What…” then death is at your door. You can use the perfume or the pistol to delay your doom, but it will come for you again unless you are able to quickly resolve whatever caused it in the first place. Don’t worry too much if you fail. You can always start over with a new, wiser queen. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

5. Complete Challenges

There are several challenges for you to complete in the game. Try your best to complete as many of them as you can. Conquering these challenges will add new cards to the deck, giving you access to more content. The new parts of the story you open up could potentially give you the path you have been looking for all along.

6. Listen To Earth Mother

There are numerous signs and symbols that are scattered throughout the game. Pay attention to them as they often refer to different items and people in the story. Earth Mother will drop a lot of hints for you to follow, you just need to pay close attention in order to figure out what she means. If you are clever enough to decipher her messages, you might be able to survive your reign.

7. What Year Is It?

You will talk to a lot of characters in the game, and it is easy to dismiss what they say as gibberish. However, you should always take note if they mention a year. Some things only happen during certain years, and the only way to anticipate these special events is to pay attention to the hints the other characters give you.

A queen must rule with grace and wisdom. Follow our list of Reigns: Her Majesty tips, tricks and hints to become the most beloved monarch in your kingdom!

Dec 18, 2017

The Basics

If you've never played Reigns, the style may seem a bit odd. It's sort of like one of those dating apps like Tinder or something like that. Like or Don't Like.
Except, it's politics. You're the queen of an entire kingdom, where the (somewhat incompetent) king is minimally in power. You make the decisions.
Now, you have four stats. Let's just call them Church, Popularity, Militia, and Wealth. All of these stats will start in the middle. The key to survival is not letting any of these stats hit either the bottom, or the top.
For example - If your popularity reaches zero, you're overthrown by the people. If your popularity gets too high, you're crushed by adoring fans attempting to kiss your ring.
You get the gist.
The cards you're presented will, most of the time, have effects on your stats.For example, letting your handmaid marry will increase your church and popularity, but will lower your Miltia and Wealth.
I'm not saying everthing makes sense, but after playing for a bit you should be able to predict what the results of your actions will be.


Throughout the game, you will get five different items.
The Duel Pistol, the Royal Perfume, the Chicken Bone, the Clock, and the Blank Spellbook.
  • To get the blank spellbook, die three times. The All-Mother will then give it to you.
  • The Chicken bone is given as a 'trophy' from the hunter.
  • The Duel Pistol is given from the North (queen?) Warrior upon meeting.
  • The Royal Perfume is given at the very beginning of the game.

All / Most of these items can be upgraded.
The Chicken bone can be upgraded to a Saint's Bone by giving it to the Church dude when he talks to you if your church reaches max (a typical death). You can upgrade it to an iPhone (why, i don't know) by giving it to the Witch. The Bone can be used, as far as I know, to get some kind of ending, (not yet achived,) and to use it as a pass on the Nun. Passes are pretty much skipping actions through using items. This can be good for skipping years without much difficulty. You can raise or lower your stats by saying Yes or No when she asks if it's a saint bone.
The Duel Pistol can be used for dueling. (duh)You can Duel a portion of people by dragging the pistol onto them (I'll go over Dueling later)Be careful, though, cause' sometimes it'll just throw it at people and be really awkward and also lower your stats. Depends on the person.
Duelable people are, as far as I know:
  • The Mirror, the first time.
  • The King, although he just laughs it off.
  • The Pirate.
  • The Church Dude, although he refuses.

The Blank Spellbook can't be used for anything by default, but eventually the Acoylote will ask for it, and if you give it to her she'll upgrade it to the Red Spellbook. This can be used to talk to animals. This pairs will with the Zoo, and is needed for one+ of the endings. It can be further upgraded later on by the AllMother, although it does the same stuff.
The Royal Perfume is very useful, as it can be used to avoid certain deaths and to skip quite a bit.It can be sprayed to charm people, often, although it does not work on the King.Spraying it at the Handmaid will prompt her to ask about your secret love, which can be repeated end-to-beginning to raise or lower certain stats. It can also avoid two deaths, as far as I know. It can avoid running out of Church, by spraying it when Church Dude talks to you, and you can avoid running out of Popularity the same way. Be warned though, if you use it too soon after you've used it before, they'll catch on and you'll still die.
You can skip:
  • The Handmaid, although it prompts the love, so some stats change.
  • The Adventurer
  • The Hunter
  • Probably more idk

The Clock can be used to see/change your astrological symbol, and is used for summing the Eclipse, prompting one of the endings. It is recieved by that weird guy that looks like Weird Al/the Acoylote (I don't remember) At some point the Acoylote will prompt you to give it to them, and giving it will cause her to upgrade it to a Destiny Clock. You can use this as a skip for the Acoylote, and something happens if you use it on your own symbol I forget what tho. Using on a different symbol will change yours to that.
Throwing stuff
Yes, I consider this an actual part of the game. Throwing objects will most often lower all your stats, although there IS a chance that you will get the Witch, which from there you can say 'thanks,' raising all stats. This usually happens at least once before you're killed for being an insane throwing person. This can be handy if, say, you're out of wealth and the King requests to escape. You can throw some objects, get the Witch, say thanks, and then use the duel pistol on the King. He'll laugh it off, you'll have some stats above the 0 currency due to the witch, and you'll return as normal.
Remember, if you throw too many items in close times to each other you'll die.


Ending #1

Get lost in the maze once you have the Destiny Clock. Follow the sun, which means going towards the shadows, until you reach a shrine. Put the clock in to summon the Eclipse. I'm not sure if you have to 'die under mysterious circumstances' or just die in any way, but it will trigger a final encounter with the AllMother before the Queen Dissapears.
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