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  • Rocksmith 2014 is a music video game produced by Ubisoft.It is a followup to the 2011 game Rocksmith but has been described as a replacement to the original game rather than a sequel. The game's main focus is the feature that allows players to plug in virtually any electric guitar or bass guitar and play via the use of a USB adapter. The game comes with 66 songs on disk, with thousands more.
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Rocksmith 2014
Developer(s)Ubisoft San Francisco
Director(s)Paul Cross
Producer(s)Nao Higo
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Xbox 360
Xbox One
ReleaseMicrosoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
  • NA: October 22, 2013
  • AU: October 24, 2013
  • EU: October 25, 2013
  • IND: October 25, 2013[2]
PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Genre(s)Music video game
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Rocksmith 2014 is a music video game produced by Ubisoft. It is a followup to the 2011 game Rocksmith, but has been described as a replacement to the original game rather than a sequel. Like its predecessor, the games main feature is that it allows players to plug in virtually any electric guitar or bass guitar and play along via the use of a USB adapter - removing the need for any proprietary controller like other music games such as Guitar Hero. The game comes with 66 songs on disk, with thousands more available to download in paid DLC packs. It was announced at Ubisoft's 2013 E3 presentation and was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC/Mac in October 2013. The game was remastered a year later with additional content for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2014.

The game was released to generally positive reviews from critics who praised the games improvements over its predecessor. The game continued to receive new DLC song packs weekly until April 2020.


Rocksmith 2014 recommends the use of the 'Hercules' adapter, a USB cable that connects to the standard ​14 in (6.35 mm) output jack of most electric and bass guitars. Other guitars, such as acoustic guitars, may require additional hardware, such as a pickup.[4]

Rocksmith 2014 offers three different development paths for lead, rhythm, and bass guitar respectively. It now includes the ability to set song difficulty, rather than having to play the song starting at the lowest difficulty, as in Rocksmith.[5] The game includes a Session Mode, which enables players to perform in jam sessions with the in-game musicians. Other new modes include an enhanced Master Mode to help with memory-playing and new Guitarcade minigames.[6] New missions have been added as a way to challenge and direct players towards areas they need to improve upon.[5]

Rocksmith 2014 is intended to be more of a teaching tool than the original game, featuring more than 85 lessons covering bends, accents, slides, and more. A new finger positioning tool has also been added.[5]Rocksmith 2014 also features a mode for colorblind players.[7]


On why the publisher chose the name Rocksmith 2014 as opposed to Rocksmith 2, senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key explained it was to encourage those who had not played the first game yet to buy and play the second one, without needing to invest in a previous installment of the franchise. He compared it to foreign language learning courses: 'This is not the second step in guitar playing. Some people might interpret it that way. If you see Spanish 1 and then Spanish 2, you think that you need to learn Spanish 1 first.' He described Rocksmith 2014 as a 'replacement' for the original game rather than a sequel, and argued that its new songs, modes and improvements justified the purchase for people who had already bought the original Rocksmith.[8]

Rocksmith 2014 Edition — Remastered[edit]

On 26 August 2016, Ubisoft announced Rocksmith 2014 Edition — Remastered, an updated version of the game to be released on 4 October 2016. The new version includes 'a customizable learning curve, expanded practice tools, stat tracking, improved menus and more'. The Remastered version is a free update to existing versions of the game, but was also released at retail for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One with six additional songs. These six bonus songs have been released as DLC for all other users.[9]

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition – Remastered – Roxette Song Pack Download Full

On 13 December 2016, Ubisoft released an additional patch for Rocksmith 2014 Edition — Remastered, which added two new capabilities that removed the requirement for the Real-Tone Cable.[10] The first capability added to the software was Microphone Mode, which allowed players to use USB microphones and input devices that could simulate microphones for both players of acoustic guitars, and electric guitar players using non-Real-Tone cables. While this mode allows for note detection with the software, it disables the Rocksmith 2014's Authentic Tone capabilities, and players are limited to the 'clean' guitar sound captured by the software. The second capability added to the software allows players to play along with the note tracks without note detection enabled.

In April 2020, it was announced that Rocksmith 2014 would receive no further DLC after the Opeth song pack, as focus was shifting to a new project.[11]

Track list[edit]

The game initially contains 66 playable tracks with over a thousand more available as DLC.[12][13] 'Cherub Rock' by the Smashing Pumpkins was a free DLC giveaway with pre-orders of the game. Rocksmith 2014 is capable of importing most songs from Rocksmith.[5]

SongArtist(s)Release yearLead Tuning
'Self-Destruct' (Unlockable Song)Aching Head2013E Standard
'Walk This Way'Aerosmith1975E standard
'No More Mr. Nice Guy'Alice Cooper1973E standard: A447
'Stone'Alice in Chains2013Eb

drop Db

'R U Mine?'Arctic Monkeys2012E standard
'Bat Country'Avenged Sevenfold2005Drop D
'Ultra Soul'B'z2001E standard: A444
'Snarling of Beasts' (Unlockable Song)Bedowyn2013D standard
'Knockin' on Heaven's Door'Bob Dylan1973E standard
'Peace of Mind'Boston1977E standard
'Machinehead'Bush1994E standard: A447
'Don't Stop' (Unlockable Song)Crimson2011E standard
'Stuck on a Wire Out on a Fence (Orange)'The Dear Hunter2011E standard
'Pour Some Sugar on Me'Def Leppard1987E standard
'My Own Summer (Shove It)'Deftones1997Eb drop Db
'Sea to Swallow' (Unlockable Song)Disonaur2013E standard
'Wasteland'EarlyRise2011Drop D
'Chompers'Fang Island2012Drop D
'Everlong'Foo Fighters1997Drop D
'Brand New Kind of Blue'Gold Motel2012E standard
'X-Kid'Green Day2013E standard
'Eight-Ball, Coroner's Pocket' (Unlockable Song)Hail the Sun2013E standard
'The Trooper'Iron Maiden1983E standard
'Sixteen Saltines'Jack White2012E standard
'Stay In'JAWS2012E standard
'Satch Boogie'Joe Satriani1987E standard
'Desolate Motion' (Unlockable Song)KarawanNAE standard
'You Really Got Me'The Kinks1964E standard: A461
'Rock and Roll All Nite'Kiss1975Eb standard
'Love That's Gone'La Sera2012E standard
'Black Magic'Magic Wands2012E standard
'Blood and Thunder'Mastodon2004D standard
'On Top of the World' (Unlockable Song)Matt Montgomery, Brian McCune, Brendan West2013E standard
'Cold Company'Minus the Bear2012E standard
'Sweet Mountain River'Monster Truck2013D standard
'Knights of Cydonia'Muse2006E standard
'Heart-Shaped Box'Nirvana1993Eb drop Db
'Don't Look Back in Anger'Oasis1996E standard: A451
'Cemetery Gates'Pantera1990E standard: A434
'Now'Paramore2013Drop D
'Sore Tummy'PAWS2012E standard
'Self Trap' (Unlockable Song)Playground Kings2007E standard
'Every Breath You Take'The Police1983E standard
'We Are the Champions'Queen1977E standard
'Losing My Religion'R.E.M.1991E standard
'Paranoid Android'Radiohead1997E standard
'Blitzkrieg Bop'Ramones1976E standard
'Round and Round'Ratt1984Eb standard
'Wires'Red Fang2011Drop D
'Savior'Rise Against2009Eb standard
'Paint It Black'The Rolling Stones1966E standard
'The Spirit of Radio'Rush1980E standard
'Monochromic (Unlockable Song)'Sabaka2013Drop D
'Rotten Apple'Screaming Females2012E standard
'For a Fool'The Shins2012E standard
'War Ensemble'Slayer1990Eb standard
'The Chimera'The Smashing Pumpkins2012Drop D
'All I Wanna Do'Splashh2013E standard
'Hypnotize'System of a Down2005Eb drop Db
'Go Further'Tak Matsumoto1999E standard
'Mary Jane's Last Dance'Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers1993E standard
'Rocksmith 2012 Theme' (Unlockable Song)Ubisoft2012E standard
'Impossible Dreams' (Unlockable Song)Versus Them2012E standard
'Say It Ain't So'Weezer1994E standard
'Thunder Kiss '65'White Zombie1992E standard
'My Generation'The Who1965E standard
Rocksmith® 2014 Edition – Remastered – Roxette Song Pack Download

Downloadable content[edit]

All Rocksmith DLC songs are forward-compatible with Rocksmith 2014, but DLC songs released on or after 22 October 2013 are compatible only with Rocksmith 2014 and will not play on the original version of Rocksmith.[14] As of 3 January 2017, there are 835 songs and 209 song packs available to download from the Rocksmith store.[15] Ubisoft San Francisco announced in April 2020 that they would be stopping development of further DLC for Rocksmith 2014 as they transitioned to a new project, after delivering 383 weeks of DLC content.[16]

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition – Remastered – Roxette Song Pack Download

In addition to the DLC for Rocksmith 2014, owners of the original Rocksmith are able to purchase a Disc Import Tool that will import 52 of the 57 songs available on the original Rocksmith.[17] The tracks that do not carry over are:

Chris LeeBoss2011
CreamSunshine of Your Love1967
Eric ClaptonRun Back to Your Side2010
Seth ChaplaJules2011
Seth ChaplaThe Star Spangled Banner2011


Aggregate score
MetacriticPC: 89/100[18]
PS3: 86/100[19]
X360: 87/100[20]
PS4: 82/100[21]
XONE:: 72/100[22]

Rocksmith 2014 was released in the US on October 22, 2013 to mostly positive reviews. Aggregating review website Metacritic rated the PC version 89/100,[18] the PlayStation 3 version 86/100,[19] and the Xbox 360 version 87/100.[20]

Lee Cooper of Hardcore Gamer praised the game and its general improvement over 2011's Rocksmith, saying, 'Every facet of gameplay has been given a nice thick coat of improvement in Rocksmith 2014, issues that the original title was known for have either been removed entirely, or overhauled beyond recognition.'[23]


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Rocksmith® 2014 Edition – Remastered – Roxette Song Pack Download Free

Remastered FAQ

Rocksmith® 2014 Edition – Remastered – Roxette Song Pack Download Torrent

What is Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered? Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered is a free patch for all platforms and an updated re-release of Rocksmith 2014 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Macintosh. Remastered is the same core experience that has helped so many people learn to play guitar, now with additional improvements and redesigned features. When will Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered be available? Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered is scheduled for release in stores in October 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Macintosh. (Existing Rocksmith 2014 players on all platforms will receive the Remastered improvements as a free patch at the same time.) What has been updated for Remastered?Remastered includes a major patch featuring a wide variety of improvements that we hope will be welcomed by new and experienced players alike. Manage your song library using updated Search, Sort, and Filter toolsSearch by artist or song name in Learn a Song, Score Attack, and the Shop—just enter the desired text with your keyboard or game controllerBuild custom Song Lists in Nonstop Play to group songs for personalized practice sessionsPause and navigate freely through entire tracks in Riff Repeater, and loop phrases more efficientlyView all song arrangements from the improved Song Hub, and launch directly into any of them without changing pathsFilter your Nonstop Play list by tuning, and switch between all available arrangements between songsCustomize the rate of Dynamic Difficulty adjustments, or disable the feature altogetherTrack your progress with detailed in-game player statistics If I already own Rocksmith 2014, do I need to buy Remastered? Nope! It’s the same core software, and the updates it offers will be supplied to existing players through a free patch. As an existing Rocksmith 2014 player, how do I get the Remastered improvements? If you’re already enjoying Rocksmith 2014, all the improvements found in Remastered will be delivered in the form of a free patch. That applies to all six platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and Macintosh – none of our existing players will be left behind! When will the patch be available for existing players? The patch is slated to appear the first week of October. When it’s available, just go online with your system of choice and the update will download automatically. We do not have a specific time to share; watch the forums at as well as our social media portals on Twitter and Facebook for news. Are there any new songs in Remastered? The core song library that comes with the main software remains the same as Rocksmith 2014 Edition. As an incentive for new players, a voucher with codes for six bonus DLC songs will come with physical copies of Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered at retail; players will redeem these codes via an online connection to obtain the bonus songs. However, these songs will also be made available for purchase as DLC for existing players, so no songs will be available exclusively through Remastered. Those six bonus DLC songs are:Bob Marley & The Wailers – Three Little BirdsElvis Presley – Suspicious MindsFUN. – Some NightsJackson 5 – I Want You BackOutkast – Hey Ya!Train – Drops Of Jupiter If I already own Rocksmith 2014, how do I get the Remastered edition’s bonus songs? These six tracks will be available for purchase as DLC the same week that Remastered becomes available at retail outlets. There is nothing exclusive to Rocksmith 2014 Edition Remastered; all its content will be made available to current players, as well. How do I get the free songs if I buy the physical version? What about the digital version? Look for a paper flyer inside the physical package; it will contain DLC redemption codes. The digital editions will include an additional download bundle of the six bonus songs. Does the physical version come with a cable? Yes -- all physical editions of Remastered come bundled with Real Tone Cables. (The days of the disc-only editions of Rocksmith are over.)

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