RPG Maker MZ - Cyber City: Exterior Tiles Download

It’s time to check out some more MZ plugins, and today’s creator we’re focusing on is Eliaquim! With plugins that make life easier for us as devs by giving us a way to change experience requirements for actors and plugins that can make our players feel like adventurers as they uncover a mysterious map, Eliaquim’s plugins are exciting to explore.

Eliaquim has shared quite a few plugins over on the forum, so let’s take a look at some cool ones.

Cyber City Music Pack. Downloads Free Trials. Windowsets, Tiles and more! August 30, 2020. August 30, 2020. New Releases - Heroine Character Pack 4, Classic Fantasy Music Pack Vol 2, Krachware User Interface Material. Thursday has arrived, and RPG Maker MZ has been out for a week! Hi marziza, hoping the MZ works like the MV, import the 'WallsTILESETA4' and use the tile above each wall:) If I misunderstood, comment again and I will try to help you! Updates, events, and news from the developers of RPG Maker MZ - Cyber City: Exterior Tiles. Sale price $79.99 Regular price. Regular price $79.99 RPG Maker MV. Sale price $79.99 Regular price. Regular price $79.99 Manga Maker ComiPo. Cyber City: Exterior Tiles. Sale price $17.99 Regular price $19.99 Regular price $17.99 DegicaShop Partners. About DegicaShop.

First up, a plugin to help us control our actor’s levelling up: Static Exp! By default, actor’s need more experience each time to level up, which means our players could need well over 2,000,000 experience points to reach level 99! While that works for some games, sometimes we just want to keep things straightforward and that’s where Static Exp comes into play. Eliaqium has given us an easy way to set all our level requirements to the same amount, so now we can set all our actors’ level requirements to 100 exp for every single level up.

Have you been wanting to add some extra color and icons to your menus? Then check out Global Text, a plugin that lets us use some of the escape codes from message boxes. Now we can put icons in Actor names or color our Class names differently so they stand out. Our players will have no problem figuring out what type of weapon Reid uses when there’s a sword icon next to his Class!

The plugin affects most of the menu windows, so we can also add icons to places like our equip scene or statuses. Now it’s as easy to add some pizzazz to our menus as it is to make a message box look nice.

Eliaquim hasn’t only focused on mechanic and menu plugins though, he’s made some that add in cool new features! His Press Start and Pause Game plugins give us ways to add in a bit of retro flair to our games with the addition of two new scenes. Press Start can add in an arcade vibe to our games with a flashing ‘press start’ image before our players reach the title screen menu, while Pause Game lets us give our players a way to pause the action. Even if we don’t want our players to have access to the main menu, with the Pause Game plugin we can still give them a way to take a break when life suddenly calls them away from our games.

Have you ever wanted to have a picture slide neatly into place depending on which choice a player is making? Then the Choice Pictures plugin is the one for you! Using plugin commands we can now add in a picture for every choice we show, making it easier for our players to know exactly what they’re picking. We could show off cool weapons when our heroes need to pick a tool to defeat their foes, or display tasty treats in a cozy cafe game! Eliaquim gives us full control of each picture's location and size, so we can adjust them all so that our choices’ pictures are all exactly where we want them.

Last, but certainly not least, is Eliaquim’s Map Reveal plugin! This plugin makes it easy to add a fog of war effect to our games with our own image for the tile covering, so our players are able to explore and discover our worlds one tile at a time. With a few different reveal options we can pick how the map is uncovered, and since this plugin uses regions to mark what is and isn’t covered on a map we can have a lot of fun with it. We could leave the ceiling tiles showing in a cave so that our players have an idea of where to go, but aren’t sure of what they’ll be running into in the dark. Or we could create a horror house using the OneRegion reveal option and marking each room with a different region so that our players can only see what’s in the room they’re standing in!

These are just a few of Eliaquim’s plugins, so if you need to grab them for your own games or just want to see what else he’s created, check him out on the forums or his itch.io page!

RPG Maker MZ - Cyber City: Exterior Tiles Download
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