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SolarGun PC Game Description. Solar Gun is a first person puzzle game set it in an aseptic factory. Avoid the mortal floor, handle the laser lights and manage your orbs to go throught the installations. Will you be able to escape alive from the factory? Manage the light wisely, unlock new levels and try to find a way out. Features Of SolarGun. List of every PC game checked by System Requirements Lab. Can You Run It has over 6,000 games in our system requirements database. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. 0 in Group Chat View Stats. Solar Gun is a first person puzzle game set it in an aseptic factory. Visit the Store Page. Most popular community and official content for the past week.

More than an indie Portal-like, SolarGun [Steam] offers up some interesting puzzles and overall it seems like a pretty decent puzzler.
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In SolarGun, you start the game by slowly waking up in a strange room, that doesn't look too far from something out of Portal. You have some weird glove on your right hand, which enables you to shoot some kind of energy ball — how curious. It seems to take inspiration from Portal for the aesthetics, while there's a little hint of The Talos Principle in there too for some of the puzzles. It's very much it's own game though.
I'll be honest, for £0.99 I wasn't expecting much from it. However, it really did surprise me.
As far as I can tell, there's no story and no explanations, it's very much a puzzle game where figuring things out is part of the fun. It does make you wonder as you go through and I ended up making all sorts of wild theories about why I was there.
This special glove was certainly a fun mechanic. You can shoot energy balls, but not through, for lack of a better word, forcefields. You can reclaim them when you don't need them to be in a specific place, but this also cannot be done through those forcefields. Which reminds me of Portal once again. It works pretty well and the level design is reasonably simple, so it doesn't take too long to figure out each room.
I have to admit, the first time I saw the death animation I let off an audible chuckle. I ran into some lasers wondering what would happen (yeah, I know) and the character just sort of gasped, fell to the floor and the screen smashed. I'm not entirely sure why the screen would smash though. Am I a robot?
It also works out of the box with the Steam Controller, but you need to do a little tinkering as the camera speed was unbearably low for me. I've seen others say it works fine, so your mileage may vary with it.
I unlocked an achievement named 'Courage' for dying many times in the same puzzle, this game is trolling me. I like what the developer did with the achievements though, they spell out the name of the game — clever.
I'm currently stuck on a puzzle, but I did find an extra room to get into. Inside this room was a button on a machine, pressing it turned on some relaxing classical music. Is the game trolling me still? Is there a point to this room I'm missing? It also has a working vending machine. I'm still stuck.

Solar Gun Mgs4

Overall, it's not bad at all. The puzzles aren't too difficult, but I thought it was a charming game with some interesting design choices and I did quite enjoy it. If you're after a puzzle game that has some fun ideas and is stupidly cheap at £0.99 then go for it!Article taken from
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Solar Gun Optics

About This GameWill you be able to escape alive from the factory? Manage the light wisely, unlock new levels and try to find a way out.Key FeaturesMore than 16 different puzzles for players of any skill levelAvoid the mortal floor, handle the laser lights and manage your orbs to go throught the installations.But be careful! Death affects the way how puzzles can be solved.Find the hidden minigamesSpeedrun mode b4d347fde0 Title: SolarGunGenre: Casual, IndieDeveloper:Mechanical BossPublisher:Mechanical BossRelease Date: 28 Jul, 2017 SolarGun Trainer Download solargun game. solargun gameplay. solar gunmetal matte. solar gun pc game. solar gun videos. solar gun knight. mgsv solar gun. solar gun vamp. solar gun on steam. solar gun fallout new vegas. solargun steam badge. solar gun mgs4. the solar gun. solar gun destiny 2. boktai solar gun. solargun walkthrough. solargun-darksiders. solar gun destiny. solar gun boktai. solargun steam. free solar gun. solargun badge. solar gun fallout 4. fallout solar gun Damn! This is portal-like puzzle game for only a freacking €! FFS get this game ASAP, best discovery of the year by far.. interesting game. boring game. terrible movement with keyboard controls.. Graphics are clean [map].Gameplay is good.Everything other's fine.. :D Thumbs up.. I really like this game. Definitely inspired by Portal and that is no con. It's actually really nice simplified recreation of such a great game. If this game gets more attention, it might have a great potential to break thru.
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