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In, engage in an intergalactic shoot out as you maneuver your spaceships away from the cosmic rocks and laser shots that come in your way. As you proceed with the game, gain levels and upgrade your weapons. Form an alliance with people around the world as you work your way up to become the best pilot across the entire universe. is a free space io shooting game in which players need to control a spaceship, collect powerups, and shoot all of the opponents. Featuring 4 game modes including Team Mode, Survival Mode, Invasion, and Pro Deathmatch. Use crystals with your spaceship. Fun, fast paced online multiplayer arcade space shooter. Take control of your spaceship, mine asteroids, increase your stats, upgrade to different types of spaceships with improved stats and weapons. Download Starblast Media Server for free. Starblast Media Server. Starblast Media Server allows you access your media contents from anywhere, and on any devices.

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For Android: 4.4 and upGuide: Starblast cheats tutorial
When updated: 2018-04-19Star Rating: 4.5757575
Name: Starblast hack for androidExtension: Apk
Author: NeuronalityFile Name: io.starblast
Current Version: 1.0.0User Rating: Everyone
Downloads: 500-Version: mod, apk, unlock
System: AndroidType: Education

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Starblast Download Free

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Starblast is a fun, quick paced online multiplayer arcade place shooter. Take control of your spaceship, mine asteroids, increase your statistics, make batter to various types of spaceships with improved statistics and weapons. War versus another users and rob their gems. Starblast offers 31 special ship models, thousands maps, 10 weapons and unique powers. You can play 4 mini game modes: survival, squads, deathmatch and invasion.

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In, space is anything but peaceful or an endless void. In this dot io arena game space serves as a great intergalactic battlefield! Lasers, asteroids, aliens, spaceships, and many futuristic features await you in this online multiplayer adventure. Activate your shields, test your laser cannons and let the limitless space embrace you! In the endless world of, you have more than one reasons to try to conquer it all!

Hello commander! In this IO game, our main aim is to navigate through the danger-infested space in your ship and destroy both other players and asteroids. Killing other players and destroying asteroids will yield gems. Gems are the most important currency in the galaxy! You can use those to upgrade your ship and to buy secondary weapons. Armed to the teeth! When your gem cargo is filled, you can upgrade your ship to one of two higher tier ships. There are currently 7 tiers with a total of 32 available ships! Ready to get into the action? There are 4 game modes that you can choose from the main menu. These are survival, team mode, deathmatch, and invasion. Survival (aka free-for-all) is all about mining asteroids to collect crystals. Use the crystals to upgrade the tier of your ship. Your ultimate goal in this game mode is to last until the survival mode period begins and then become the only survivor to claim the victory. Team mode is where you can join one of the three factions. You try to work with your teammates and destroy all enemy space stations. Deathmatch is where you try to kill as many players as you can while trying to avoid their fire. Invasion mode is where you team up with other players and try to fight hordes of NPC aliens.

Space is infinite and your aim is to become the biggest player in it! If you like space, you might also enjoy Space Battle Red. It is another game in our collection that takes you to space adventures.


Neuronality developed Starblast .io.

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Starblast Download Free


  • 32 different spaceships
  • Multiplayer dot io game
  • 4 available game modes to play
  • Dozens of upgrades and weapon types


Starblast Io Free Download

Use the left mouse button to shoot, and the right mouse button to move around. You can also use the arrows keys to move and the SPACE BAR to shoot.

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