The Dota 2 Official Soundtrack

AWOLNATION - Magic Sticks of Dynamite Music Pack
Composed by AWOLNATION
Created By

44.1 kHz 24-bit FLAC. Total Playing Time 41:12. This is the official soundtrack to the multiplayer online battle game Dota 2 from the Valve Studio Orchestra, a group of musicians who create music for all Valve games. 44.1 kHz / 24-bit PCM – Ipecac Recordings Studio Masters. Dota 2 (The Official Soundtrack) - Album by Valve Studio Orchestra Spotify. A visual spinning loader indicating that the page is performing an action.


  • Store Preview
  • Startup
  • Main Menu
  • Hero Select
  • Countdown
  • Laning 1
    • Laning 1 Layer 1
    • Laning 1 Layer 2
  • Laning 2
    • Laning 2 Layer 1
    • Laning 2 Layer 2
  • Laning 3
    • Laning 3 Layer 1
    • Laning 3 Layer 2
    • Laning 3 Layer 3
  • Battle 1
  • Battle 1 End
  • Battle 2
  • Battle 2 End
  • Battle 3
  • Battle 3 End
  • Ganked Small
  • Ganked Medium
  • Ganked Large
  • End
  • End
  • End Hero
  • Killed/Dead
  • Respawn
  • Victory
  • Defeat
  • Victory
  • Defeat

Official Music Video[edit]


  • The music pack's name ('Magic Sticks of Dynamite') is based on the song, 'Seven Sticks of Dynamite', from the Awolnation's third album, 'Here Come the Runts'.

The Dota 2 Official Soundtrack Download

  • Every music file of this music pack are instrumentals or samples of existing songs of the artist.
  • The following music files are from Awolnation's first album, 'Megalithic Symphony'
Laning 2: 'Kill Your Heroes'
Radiant victory: 'Sail'
Dire defeat: 'Not Your Fault'
  • The following music files are from their second album, 'Run'
Countdown and Roshan: 'Run'
Radiant defeat: 'Jailbreak'
Battle 3: 'Dreamers'
Ganked: 'Windows'
Killed/Dead: 'Drinking Lightning'
  • The following music files are from their third album, 'Here Come the Runts'
Battle 1 and Respawn: 'Here Come the Runts'
Laning 1 and Dire victory: 'Handyman'
Startup: 'Seven Sticks Of Dynamite'
Main menu: 'My Molasses'
Battle 2: 'Cannonball'
Hero select: 'Tall, Tall Tale'
Smoke of Deceit: 'The Buffoon'
Laning 3: 'Stop That Train'
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AWOLNATION - Magic Sticks of Dynamite Music Pack
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Winter gloom may shadow the lands, but for those battling over mastery of the lanes and destruction of an Ancient, nothing stops the action. And for the most dedicated, whose mastery is no longer in question, today’s update unveils a new level of greatness — Grandmaster — along with other seasonal updates for Dota Plus.

Dota Plus Grandmaster Tier
Dota Plus members can now level up heroes to a brand-new Grandmaster tier at level 30. In addition to the inherent intimidation factor, players who earn the title of Grandmaster have access to a new chat wheel voice line for that hero. Any hero challenges completed as a Grandmaster will also grant shards as a reward instead of hero XP.

Dota Plus Seasonal Treasure
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Guild TierRewards
  • :guildbanner: emoticon
  • :dazzle_shrug: emoticon
  • :pump_glad: emoticon
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  • “Chicken” spray
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