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Podcast downloads for Cook The Perfect. Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey are joined by leading chefs and food writers who share their secrets for perfect home-cooked dishes. It's Easy to Roast Perfect. Roasting a large cut of beef can be intimidating. You have one chance to get it right. The Roast Perfect app is a free tool to help you master roasting in a few, easy steps.

  • If you've ever wanted to learn how to cook, this is the class for you! By following along with me, you'll learn all the fundamentals of cooking you need to create delicious meals.

    I'll show you which pots, pans and tools are essential in your kitchen and how to stock your kitchen pantry so you always have the ingredients on hand to make a tasty homemade meal. Along with properly outfitting your kitchen, you'll learn all about how to use a chef's knife safely and other simple ways to be a better cook today!

    Once we've covered the basics, I'll guide you through eight different cooking techniques that will improve every meal you make! Each cooking technique is also paired with a recipe collection so you can practice these techniques while making a delicious meal. Nearly every recipe used in this class is one of mine, so you can be sure they've been tried and tested. :D

    Take this class and you'll be feeling like a great cook in no time!

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  • Tools and Supplies for Cooking

    in Kitchen

  • Knife Skills

    in Kitchen

  • Basic Skills for Better Cooking

    in Main Course

  • Pan Frying and Sauteing

    in Main Course

  • Boiling, Simmering and Stewing

    in Main Course

  • Baking, Broiling and Roasting

    in Main Course

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