TheoTown MOD (Money/Diamond)

🔴JOIN STARTING AT $0.99 TO BECOME A MEMBER: 🔴 👕 MERCH: Global Achievements% of all players. Total achievements: 48 You must be logged in to compare these stats to your own 11.0%. The beginnings of a town Reach 1,000 inhabitants in a city. Terraforming the lands Modify the terrain of your city. And thus, it began.

TheoTown, Reminders about virtual world fiction cannot fail to mention Semitic Blood Out. All the accessories of the PC version, this mobile game is rapidly reaching millions of users. Not only because of the exciting gameplay but also the graphics are very beautiful, impressive. On the subject of building cities like Simcity, Blue Flower to Theo Town City Simulation has also made significant progress. Usually, the amount of interaction with players with extremely high game titles, although this game is not exciting but is charming. Theo does not own 3D design, but his simplicity is beautiful for the player. If the vibrancy of the virtual world is the place you want to sink in, this game will easily erase your appetite. Did you try Township or Fantasy Forge?

Do you want to build your own city?

By coming to the town of TheoTown, you will have the power to control them and build the city according to their will. A perfect and beautiful city will need its work, social services and beauty. By reclaiming the surrounding land, players will have more space to build houses and roads. However, there are always elements that diminish the beauty of your city. For example, home fire, landfill… players now have to use a service designed for cleaning and repairing. With the ability to control and manage every detail, the buildings will be made a bold personality.

To enhance the beauty of the city, players can use specific elements available to decorate. Definitely your city will become brighter, brighter. According to the city, the simulation owns a very similar play style to reality. All things, things that are present and really happen, will be presented in this game. Players will experience a larger space in real life with the ability to manage only large new powers. All the elements in the game are updated in real-time, modern and advanced. “Boring” will never appear in your mind.

Pixel classic graphics

Instead of copying 3D as the title of the same genre, Theo Town City owns the classic, familiar pixel style. However, these pixels are small enough to not be clearly visible to the player. Since the focus is to make the green city – clean, beautiful, the color element must be kept on top. And Theo Town City Simulation has done this very well, not in great detail but still enough. Smooth and steady motion effects. Different themes, attractive. The details are distributed through the theme, which creates a world of discovery and discovery. The humor is also important. The experience will be soft and slow. The game map is very broad, which measures the size of the big city, so construction is not just a day. Players will be immersed in the place of many interesting things.

Compared to the same game genre, though the graphics are not very sophisticated, the gameplay is beautiful and attractive. Demonstrating the need to showcase his personality, Theo Town City Simulation is certainly the destination of many gamers as the game builds a city. Thanks to the ability to improve all kinds of equipment, players will not have to worry about the size and quality of the game at all times.

Beautiful and attractive gameplay

However, you certainly do not need to build a beautiful city, and you can do something new. Extreme climatic events can also help you “clean” a beautiful city. In a moment, everything will become empty, no houses, no roads, nothing. This feature is also handy for those who need to build a new city but have no solution. In the ‘Blue Flower, Regular Updates’ game will be edited and many more interesting features will be added. Helps a lot in the long run for the user.

Theotown For Pc


TheoTown Overview


If you like city building, construction and simulation games, it is one of the popular games of the Android platform, produced by the blueflower studio, which we think you should try. Your goal is to establish your city on the land you own, manage it in the best way and make your people happy. Due to the financial problems and general difficulties experienced inside the game. Therefore Mod Apk offers Unlimited Money & Unlimited Diamond.


Theotown Plugins

So you can easily improve your city and use all structural products. Natural disasters, structures waiting to be built, missions and more are waiting for you. New structures to be built in TheoTown current version have been added and bug arrangements have been made. The graphics are 2.5D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with a double finger.

Theotown Seeds

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Farms and harbors are both level $ industrial zones but they both require something to be able to be built. Farms require space and harbors require Town Halls and they must be built next to water. Farms are only $10 per square while harbors are a whopping $200 per square! The minimum amount of space that a farm needs is 4 tiles by 4 tiles (4x4). Farms are a cheap, clean solution to noisy and polluting industrial buildings and they can be put next to residential and commercial buildings. The only downside of farms is the amount of space it takes up and their lack of workers. Each farm has one 3x3 building that holds about 11 people and some squares of crops that hold one worker each but if you fill that area with normal industrial buildings you will fill your industrial demands faster. Harbors also require space but compared to the farm they are a lot better. Harbors only need 2x2 squares of space to put a building on. And each building holds 31 people which mean they are better than most level $ industrial buildings. A couple bad things about harbors is the price to make zones for them, the Town Hall requirement, the pollution, the noise, and the fact that no one wants to live next to one.
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