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  1. But if I were to say, my fellow citizens, that we shall send to the moon, 240,000 miles away from the control station in Houston, a giant rocket more than 300 feet tall, the length of this football field, made of new metal alloys, some of which have not yet been invented, capable of standing heat and stresses several times more than have ever.
  2. To the Moon is an indie Adventure RPG, about two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish. Available on: Steam / GOG / Humble Store / iOS (New!).

Kerbal Space Program can be a challenging game when you first start, especially if you know little about space. In this tutorial, I will explain in great detail and use simple language to help newcomers orbit their first moon in the game. To The Moon is a point-and-click adventure game that is dialogue-heavy with very little gameplay to speak of. This bittersweet tale is a journey that is well-worth taking; it will make you laugh. Neil Watts is one of the two main playable protagonists of To The Moon and is a primary playable character. He is an employee of Sigmund Corporation and partner of Dr. His official title at the company is Technician Specialist.


Next price: $699

Price will be kept high to limit number of users for this strategy


To The Moon comprises the best out of trend trading applied to bitcoin. As many people know crypto markets are much less efficient than traditional markets like Forex. It means they are easier to make profit on. They are also trend markets. Using high-quality trend systems as this one is the best possible way to leverage opportunities given by crypto markets. I have been using this system for a long time on my own accounts. System has proven in live trading on my accounts for several years already. I invest significant sums of my own money in it. Now you can join me in leveraging opportunities presented by crypto markets.

Monitoring ($10.000): and

Telegram channel:

To The Moon

Timeframe is M5

Minimum account balance: $50

To The Moon

To The Moon

Default parameters are for BTCUSD M5. The EA can support other pairs (set-files are needed)

MT5 version:

To The Moon 3


  • ECN broker that offers Bitcoin (BTCUSD) trading with low commission and spread


  • The system contains 3 low-correlated strategies (Breakout,MomentumandTrend Following) having a profit/loss ratio of 2:1
  • Hide Stop Loss feature provides better execution/performance, protects against high slippage and allows you to hide SL
  • Long-term robot: no dangerous money management (like grid or martingale). Every trade is protected by stop-loss
  • Backtested with real tickdata, variable spreads and delay
  • It has been running for over 3 years on live accounts including my personal $10.000 trading account
  • The EA is very easy to setup and use

IMPORTANT: Pay attention to GMT parameters! In order to get proper results, you have to set them correctly according to your broker GMT Offset

Common Settings:

  • Fixed Order Size- fixed trading lot
  • Enable AutoLot - use automatic lot calculation
  • Balance For Every 0.01 Lots- balance to be used per 0.01lots (automatic lotsize based on balance)
  • Max Risk Per Trade-auto MM based on thestop loss and deposit size. For example: at a value of 5, closing a trade by stop loss will result in a loss of 5% of the balance
  • Maximum LotSize- maximal allowed trading lot
  • GMT Offset Auto- if true, the EA will find the GMT offset automatically. Allow requests to
  • GMT Offset Manual- set your broker's time zone (in winter)
  • Adjust DST Manual- set your broker's DST
  • Maximum Spread - maximum allowable spread, pips
  • Maximum Slippage - maximum allowable slippage for instant accounts, pips. Increase it to avoid re-quotes and off-quotes
  • Hide Stop Loss- enable/disable hiding stop-loss (SL is executed by the EA)
  • Disable NY Holidays - disable trading for a specified number of days before/after New Year holidays
  • Trade Direction - long and(or) short can be selected
  • Monday Trading - enable/disable trading on Monday
  • Tuesday Trading - enable/disable trading on Tuesday
  • Wednesday Trading - enable/disable trading on Wednesday
  • Thursday Trading - enable/disable trading on Thursday
  • Friday Trading - enable/disable trading on Friday
  • Saturday Trading - enable/disable trading on Saturday
  • Sunday Trading - enable/disable trading on Sunday
  • Friday Exit - set to true if you wish to close all trades on Friday
  • Friday Exit Hour - all open positions will be closed at this hour on Friday
  • Take Profit / Stop Loss (ATR) - take profit / stop loss based on the popular measure of volatility. The values are expressed as a percentage of the Average True Range (ATR% Method)
  • Max Holding Time- maximal position holding time - a maximum number ofbarsbetween opening a position and closing it completely
  • Magic Number - unique identifier for EA's orders
  • Order Comment- comment for EA's orders
  • Enable Breakout/Momentum/Trend Following Strategy - enable/disable Breakout/Momentum/Trend Following strategy
  • Price Channel/Volatility/Trend Factor - allows adjusting the frequency and quality of trade entries

To The Moon Game

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