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Tales from the Tiers is a new DLC released for Tyranny on June 13, 2017 on Steam, GOG, and Paradox Store. Tyranny - Tales from the Tiers 1080P 60FPS PC Gameplay Walkthrough. Tyranny - Tales from the Tiers Gameplay Steam Action Game.

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  2. مشخصات بازی Tyranny Tales from the Tiers: نام بازی: Tyranny Tales from the Tiers. سال انتشار: 2017. شرکت سازنده: Obsidian Entertainment. منتشر کننده: Paradox Interactive. سبک بازی: اکشن – نقش آفرینی – ماجرایی.

Tyranny - Tales From The Tiers

Obsidian Entertainment dropped some Tyranny E3 2017 news on us this week with the announcement of some new DLC goodness for the alternative sequel to Pillars of Eternity that imagines a world in which evil has won. 2 DLC’s have been revealed, the Bastard’s Wound coming later in 2017 and Tales from the Tiers a smaller DLC now available, and a new update that adds New Game Plus to the game.

Bastard’s Wound

The Bastard’s Wound expansion opens up a new area of the Tiers where refugees from the war-torn world have established a haven in secret. New characters and new stories await players in Bastard’s Wound, including a closer look at the world of the Beastmen, the fate of a refugee settlement, and all-new companion quests featuring three of Tyranny’s most memorable party members.


  • A Refuge from Kyros: Players will explore an all-new section of the world, centered around an illegal settlement of those who have fled the devastation of the war. What sentence will you mete out to the stragglers?
  • Companion Quests: Learn more about the history and personality of Verse, Barik, and Lantry, in new quests and interactions to earn their loyalty or enmity.
  • Loyalty and Service: Bastard’s Wound will arrive alongside a free update to Tyranny, including new voice-acting, expanded content in the game’s third act, and an all-new path to an unseen ending. What fate awaits those who remain truly loyal to Kyros?

Tales from the Tiers

Available now for 6.99 Tales from The Tiers adds new travel map events, encounters, and side stories. Whether you’re new to Tyranny or playing an existing savegame, Tales from The Tiers lets you take an even deeper dive into the saga of Tyranny.

Tyranny - Tales From The Tiers

Tyranny - Tales From The Tiers Lyrics


  • New Travel Events: Random encounters while traveling may lead to new quests, or new events focused on companions and new NPCs
  • Expanded Story: Learn more about the people and places of the Tiers with more than 40 vignettes to encounter on your journey.
  • New items: Find over a dozen new items and countless new ways to gain loyalty and fear with your companions and the factions of Tyranny.
  • More Replay Options: A free patch adds New-Game-Plus mode and character re-spec options for an easier way to explore other plotlines.
Tyranny - tales from the tiers 2

New Game Plus Update

A New Game Plus mode has been added in a new update patch, and can be used from the New Game menu. Choosing to start a New Game Plus requires a gamecomplete save. Gamecomplete saves are automatically generated when the game is completed (both in this patch and since the game was launched). When starting a New Game+, the following choices are now available:

  • Item Importing
    • Players may select up to 2 items to bring from a previous playthrough.
      • The number of items that can be imported increases by 1 for each subsequent New Game+ playthrough.
      • Once an Item has been unlocked for a New Game+, it can be selected on future playthroughs of the same character without being unlocked each time.
  • Character Creation
    • All previous choices up until conquest will be kept, but can be changed.
    • Attribute Points can be reassigned.
    • Experience in Skills can be re-assigned.
    • If Attributes or Skills are re-assigned during character creation, all talent points will also be refunded. These can be reallocated after character creation.
  • Conquest
    • All previous actions chosen in conquest in the previous play-through are highlighted to remind players of which choices they made previously.
  • Reputation Abilities
    • Players will be able to unlock up to 2 reputation abilities they had unlocked in their previous playthrough.
    • The number of unlockable reputation abilities will increase for each new play-through.
  • New Merchant
    • On New Game+ playthroughs, there is a new merchant available in game.
  • Other notes
    • All rings acquired from the previous play-through will carry over to New Game+ Characters.
    • All Spell Cores, Expressions, and Accents unlocked will carry over to New Game+ Characters.
    • The level cap for New Game+ Characters has been raised to 99.
    • Enemies will also scale to meet the player’s new starting level.

Tyranny Tales From The Tiers Review

Quite the roar for a game that had perhaps fallen off people’s radars with the crowdfunding announcement of Pillars of Eternity 2. Thoughts on the new content coming our way? Sound off in the comments!


Tyranny - Tales From The Tiers Season 4

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